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Guterres remains determined to push for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and will not give up.
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Guterres remains determined to push for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and will not give up.

António Guterres, speaking at the Doha Forum in Qatar, stated that the main platform for resolving international conflicts is currently unable to function due to conflicting geopolitical interests. He made this statement following a meeting in New York on Friday where the United States vetoed a resolution calling for an end to the ongoing violent clashes between Israel and Palestinian militants in the enclave. The clashes were initiated by Hamas terror attacks on October 7th.

The leader of the United Nations stated that they urged the Security Council to take action in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis. They also repeated their plea for a ceasefire to be declared for humanitarian reasons.

Unfortunately, the Security Council was unable to accomplish this task, but that does not diminish its importance. Therefore, I can assure you that I will not give up,” he stated to attendees at the international conference in Qatar, where global leaders convene to address issues of collective security and other obstacles.

He stated that the Security Council is rigid and divided among the permanent members – China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the US. This has resulted in only one resolution being passed, which is solely focused on providing aid and implementing necessary changes.

for equal opportunities

Achieving equal opportunities requires both equality and solidarity.

He stressed the importance of making a significant attempt to modernize global systems, with a focus on equality and solidarity, while adhering to the principles outlined in the United Nations Charter and international law. The divisions within the Council are hindering progress in resolving issues in regions such as Ukraine, Myanmar, and the Middle East.

The recent acts of terror by Hamas and the subsequent intensive bombing of Gaza have only led to one resolution, which I am in favor of. However, this delay has consequences, stated the speaker.

“The resolution has not been put into action.”

The leader of the UNRWA, the agency responsible for Palestinian refugees, also spoke at the conference in Qatar. They stated that the dehumanization of Palestinians has enabled the global community to accept Israel’s ongoing bombing of Gaza, resulting in over 17,000 fatalities since October 7th.

Philippe Lazzarini stated that a humanitarian ceasefire is necessary in order to stop the ongoing suffering in Gaza.

Weak global governance

Mr. Guterres stressed the importance of creating unity and finding collaborative solutions to address global issues, as various dividing factors continue to gain momentum. He also noted that global leadership is struggling to effectively handle two major threats.

Initially, when discussing the climate disaster, he emphasized the necessity for greater determination in decreasing emissions of greenhouse gases and promoting climate fairness.

“Our climate is currently in a state of decline, despite previous assurances and commitments. Emissions have reached their highest levels to date, with fossil fuels being a significant contributing factor,” he stated. He went on to say that renewable energy is not only affordable and environmentally friendly, but also has limitless potential to fulfill the increasing global energy needs without harming our planet or its inhabitants.

He encouraged companies involved in fossil fuels and their supporters to utilize their significant resources to spearhead the transition to renewable energy. He also urged leaders attending COP28 in Dubai to come to a consensus on significantly reducing emissions, in accordance with the 1.5-degree target.

The Secretary-General stated that this is the sole path to achieving both climate and economic sustainability.

The business model of Multilateral Development Banks must be altered in order to increase the use of private finance, at a fair price, to support developing countries in their efforts towards climate action and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

Additionally, he emphasized the danger posed by emerging technologies, stating that generative artificial intelligence has the potential to offer solutions to numerous worldwide issues. However, without proper regulations, it could also steer us towards difficult and problematic situations.

“The use of these technologies calls for proper regulation,” said Mr. Guterres, expressing concern over the fact that AI is contributing to the spread of hate speech and division, facilitating the collection of data and monitoring of masses, and amplifying existing inequalities.

In order to make progress in finding solutions, he has established a High-Level Advisory Body on AI with members from various backgrounds. This group will offer initial suggestions by the end of this year. They convened in New York last week.

Future Summit

He continued by stating that changes to worldwide governance should be based on the Universal Declaration and the lasting principles of the United Nations Charter.

The upcoming Summit of the Future in September presents a rare chance to make critical choices.

“We have presented a set of suggestions to the Member States and I anticipate their involvement and backing,” he stated, outlining a three-step checklist for the Summit.

  • A worldwide agreement aimed at lessening the potential hazards of digital technologies and promoting their advantages.

  • Changes to the worldwide financial system that would allow developing nations to allocate resources towards education, healthcare, employment, and social safety nets for their citizens.

  • Proposed changes to the Security Council and a New Agenda for Peace are being considered in order to promote conflict prevention and resolution, achieve fairness and equality, balance global political dynamics, and amplify the representation of developing nations in global affairs.

He stated at the Doha Forum that now is the opportune moment to come together and create a better future by working towards solutions and making positive changes in our world.