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The current situation in Gaza: The General Assembly has passed a resolution urging for a "humanitarian ceasefire" and the protection of civilians.
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The current situation in Gaza: The General Assembly has passed a resolution urging for a “humanitarian ceasefire” and the protection of civilians.

The UN resolution resolves the impasse regarding a reaction to the Israel-Palestine conflict that began on October 7th. Despite several attempts, the Security Council’s Member States were unable to come to a consensus on four proposed resolutions.

Please visit our page for updates on the Assembly’s Emergency Special Session regarding the crisis.

Voting result

The recorded vote was held at around 4 PM (New York time) and had 120 members voting in favor, 14 voting against, and 45 abstaining. One UN member country experienced technical difficulties and changed their vote after it was recorded, resulting in a final count of 121 in favor, 14 against, and 44 abstentions.

As per the General Assembly’s decision earlier today, the resolution needed a two-thirds majority of members in attendance and voting to pass.

To view the roster of participating members, click on the link provided.

Safeguard innocent civilians and aid workers.

The Assembly, in its resolution on the “protection of civilians and upholding legal and humanitarian obligations,” called for all parties to adhere to their obligations under international humanitarian and human rights laws. This includes ensuring the safety of civilians and civilian structures.

The text called for the safeguarding of people involved in humanitarian work, individuals who are not actively participating in combat, and sites and resources used for humanitarian aid. It also encouraged the promotion of access for necessary resources and services to reach all civilians in need in the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, the resolution demanded that Israel, as the occupying force, revoke its order for Palestinian civilians, UN personnel, and humanitarian aid workers to leave their locations in the northern Gaza Strip near Wadi Gaza and move to the southern region.

Release all civilians

The General Assembly also urged for the prompt and unconditional release of all non-military individuals who are being unlawfully detained, insisting on their protection, health, and kind treatment in accordance with global laws.

It was also restated that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only be resolved through peaceful methods, following the appropriate UN resolutions and adhering to international law, and with the goal of establishing a two-state solution as the foundation.

The Assembly has chosen to temporarily suspend the tenth emergency special session and give authority to the President of the General Assembly at the most recent session to reconvene the meeting if requested by Member States.

Failed Amendment

Before taking any action on the resolution, a proposed change led by Canada was not successful due to not meeting the necessary two-thirds majority.

The proposed change would have clearly denounced the acts of terrorism committed by Hamas in Israel, including the taking of hostages, beginning on October 7, 2023.