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Gaza: Guterres reports civilian death toll as 'unprecedented and unparalleled'.
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Gaza: Guterres reports civilian death toll as ‘unprecedented and unparalleled’.

During a press conference discussing the most recent emissions report, Secretary-General António Guterres responded to a question by stating that in all of the reports released during his time in office, it is evident that the ongoing conflict in Gaza has resulted in the deaths of thousands of children. This number is significantly higher than the death tolls in conflicts in Yemen and Syria, which have only seen hundreds of child casualties.

Without entering into discussing the accuracy of the figures released by the health ministry in Gaza, which are regarded by UN agencies as reliable, he said that “what is clear is that we have had in a few weeks thousands of children killed.”

Children walk through a temporary camp in southern Gaza.

Kids are strolling through a makeshift camp in the southern part of Gaza.

New information from health officials reveals that a total of over 13,000 civilians have lost their lives in the enclave following the terror attacks launched by Hamas on October 7th and the subsequent Israeli military response.

This is the most important issue at hand. We are currently seeing a level of civilian deaths that is unmatched and never before seen in any previous conflict during my time as Secretary-General.

Chance arising from a disaster.

In addition to discussing how the area can progress once the conflict ends, the leader of the UN remarked that it was crucial to turn this calamity into a chance for growth.

He informed reporters that in order for this to be achievable, it is crucial that we take decisive and permanent steps towards a two-State solution after the war.

In my view, it is crucial to strengthen the Palestinian Authority after the war in order for them to effectively take on responsibilities in Gaza.

He stated that a cessation of hostilities for humanitarian purposes was a vital initial measure, in addition to unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance, “the release of captives,” and an end to breaches of international humanitarian law and safeguarding of civilians.

According to him, the Palestinian Authority currently governing the West Bank, and previously expelled from Gaza by Hamas in 2006, cannot take control as long as Israeli tanks are present. This calls for a “transition period”.


No resolution has been found in the United Nations protectorate.

Mr. Guterres believes that establishing a UN protectorate in Gaza will not effectively solve the issues at hand. Instead, he suggests a collaborative approach involving multiple stakeholders, including various countries and entities. The US plays a crucial role as the main protector of Israel’s security, while the neighboring and Arab countries are crucial for Palestinians.

“All individuals must cooperate to create suitable circumstances for a transition, enabling the Palestinian Authority to take control in Gaza. From there, we can confidently and permanently move towards a two-state solution, following the principles that have been widely accepted by the global community and that I have consistently emphasized.”


In Gaza, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNWRA, tweeted on Monday about the unlivable conditions in shelters. They stated that Gazans have no alternatives, which aligns with previous cautions from UN humanitarian sources that there is no safe place for civilians in Gaza.

After Hamas launched terror attacks on Israel on October 7th, resulting in about 1,200 deaths and the capture of nearly 240 hostages, hundreds of thousands of Gazans have been forced to flee south due to an evacuation order from the Israeli military.

Astonishing exodus

Pictures taken from satellites displayed a large group of individuals traveling through a landscape filled with destroyed structures. Meanwhile, photos captured at ground level depicted families carrying their possessions by foot and a woman pulling two babies in car seats behind her.

On Sunday, Tom White, the Director of UNRWA Affairs, informed ABC, a US network, that 13 UNRWA sites where individuals sought shelter under the UN’s protection were targeted since October 7. Additionally, numerous other shelters in the southern region of Gaza have also been unintentionally damaged due to the instructions for civilians to evacuate.


Many people died in shelters

As per Mr. White, a total of 73 individuals have lost their lives in UNRWA shelters thus far, with a significant number of them being in the southern region.

According to a UNRWA official, the people of Gaza have no safe place to seek protection and are at risk of violence and specifically airstrikes.

The United Nations agency reports that over 880,000 people who have been displaced within their own country have taken refuge in 154 installations run by UNRWA in all of Gaza’s five governorates. This means that out of Gaza’s total population of 2.3 million, 1.7 million are currently displaced.

As of now, health authorities report that 104 UNRWA personnel and at least 11,000 individuals in Gaza have lost their lives.

According to UNWRA’s spokesperson, Mr. White, homes throughout the Gaza Strip have been impacted. He also noted that the primary worry for residents is whether they are safe, regardless of their location in the north or south.