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There is no time for blaming others; we need to collaborate in order to address urgent issues, states Canada.
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There is no time for blaming others; we need to collaborate in order to address urgent issues, states Canada.

As we reach the midpoint in our global endeavor to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, Mr. Rae acknowledges that we are not yet on track to fulfill the commitments we have made to our populations and fellow nations. The consensus during the past week has been that significant progress is still needed in order to catch up to where we should be.

Additionally, Canadians are facing challenges with climate change and the environment. The speaker noted that this summer, the country endured its worst forest fires to date.

“[All these challengers] are not a window into our future, but rather a testimony to our present,” cautioned Mr. Rae, emphasizing that the response to these challenges must not be complacent, divided or nostalgic.

The Representative emphasized the importance of taking practical steps to address the challenges we face together, both in Canada and globally, instead of blaming others or seeking quick solutions.


Mr. Rae discussed the issue of migration crisis, specifically mentioning the Darien Gap migration, Rohingya displacement in Bangladesh, Afghan refugees, Syrian refugees in neighboring countries, and the conflict in Sudan. He was surprised by the large number of people who are being forced to leave their homes worldwide, emphasizing the importance of viewing these problems in a wider, global context.

Gender equality, democracy

Mr. Rae emphasized the importance of women’s empowerment, stating that gender equality should not be used as a bargaining tool for the sake of appearing progressive. He also noted that it should not be seen as a trivial matter or subject to conditions.

Highlighting the significance of maintaining the principles of free and democratic societies, he emphasized: “We have observed, and are still recognizing, the degree to which democracies are in danger due to different forms of foreign intervention.”

He also mentioned that we can move towards fairness and fairness by establishing open, all-encompassing communities and advocating for and safeguarding the rights of all individuals while maintaining the principle of law.

War in Ukraine 

Mr. Rae emphasized to the Assembly that according to the UN Charter, all nations are obligated to eliminate the threat of war. Therefore, Russia’s actions towards Ukraine are in violation of the fundamental principles of the Organization. He stated that Russia must be held responsible for their behavior and commended the International Criminal Court for issuing indictments against President Putin and his Commissioner for Children’s Rights. This sends a message that no one is exempt from adhering to the law.

The Canadian government is committed to finding ways to assist Ukraine in its ongoing efforts to protect its nation, citizens, culture, and autonomy. These efforts will continue to be a top priority.

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“Original source: United Nations News”