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According to an independent human rights specialist, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has escalated to a level of dehumanization that has never been seen before.

During an interview with UN News, Francesca Albanese, an expert appointed by the UN Human Rights Council, stated that it is difficult to put into words the agony and hardship experienced by Israelis as a result of recent events. This includes not only those who lost their lives or were held captive, but also the impact on the entire affected population.

The UN Secretary-General acknowledged that the recent brutal assaults carried out by Hamas on October 7 were not isolated incidents. The speaker emphasized the bravery of the UN chief’s words and highlighted the fact that the people of Gaza have already endured five deadly wars. These attacks have occurred during a time when Israel has imposed an illegal blockade on the Gaza Strip, leaving 2.2 million individuals trapped.

She also mentioned that since October 7th, they have been continuously bombarded with approximately 6,000 bombs per week without caution.

Protecting children

According to the Hamas-run Ministry of Health in Gaza, the UN aid coordination office (OCHA) reported on Saturday that over 7,700 Palestinians have lost their lives and more than 19,740 have been wounded during the Israeli bombing campaign.

UNICEF, the Children’s Fund, announced this week that about 2,400 children were killed in Gaza. Women and children make up 66% of the total number of casualties.

Ms. Albanese stated that all schools have been singled out in some way.

The Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council have had an impact on schools, as their members work voluntarily and without pay. They are not considered UN staff and operate independently from any government or organization.