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The Great Lakes envoy for Africa is urging for international support in response to growing conflicts.
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The Great Lakes envoy for Africa is urging for international support in response to growing conflicts.

Huang Xia spoke at the Security Council and expressed serious worry about the deteriorating security conditions and the possibility of a direct clash between the DRC and Rwanda. The two countries have accused one another of backing armed groups within their respective territories.

Mr. Xia emphasized the increase in large-scale conflicts in the volatile eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the deteriorating relationship between the DRC and Rwanda.

Mr. Xia stressed that the increase in military presence of both nations, lack of direct communication between high-ranking officials, and continued use of hateful language are all concerning indications that cannot be disregarded.

Political efforts

The situation for humanitarian aid in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is just as urgent, as more and more displaced individuals raise concerns.

The UN diplomat called on the global community to offer greater humanitarian aid and aid in the repatriation of those who have been displaced to their homes, emphasizing the significance of education for children as crucial for the region’s future.

Mr. Xia has made attempts to advance peace in the area by traveling to multiple countries such as Angola, Burundi, DRC, Rwanda, and Uganda, with the goal of fostering trust and rallying allies to find a peaceful resolution to the region’s issues.

He emphasized the significance of rejuvenating the 2013 Addis Ababa Framework Agreement, which serves as the foundation for promoting peace and stability in the area.

Mr. Xia called on all armed groups to lay down their weapons and urged Congolese armed groups to participate in a disarmament and demobilization programme adopted by the DRC in 2022.

UN Special Envoy Huang Xia briefs the Security Council on the implementation of the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Region during a meeting on the situation in the Great Lakes region.

UN Photo/Manuel Elías

UN strategy

The United Nations has a thorough plan in place for the region, which includes significant initiatives that aim to tackle the underlying reasons for instability. However, the representative noted that there is a lack of adequate funding. They urged all collaborators to contribute to closing this financial gap and stressed the proven success of the strategy.

Mr. Xia emphasized the significance of enacting a regional approach for artisanal gold, which incorporates a system for tracing.

The speaker discussed the significant link between the illegal exploitation and trading of gold and the funding of multiple armed groups in eastern DRC. They urged for the trade to be halted.

The United Nations Strategy emphasizes the importance of including women and young people in political discussions and initiatives, acknowledging their crucial roles in promoting peace and stability in the region.

No military solution

To wrap up, Mr. Xia emphasized the importance of prioritizing diplomacy and continuous communication in finding a complete resolution to the problems in the Great Lakes area. He stated that relying solely on military actions would not be enough to achieve long-term peace.

The state of affairs in the Great Lakes area continues to be unstable, and it is crucial to have global assistance and collaboration in order to avoid further escalation and create a path towards peace, stability, and prosperity.