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The first 'Innovation Summit' in Ethiopia ignites imaginations.
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The first ‘Innovation Summit’ in Ethiopia ignites imaginations.

Last week, a summit focused on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship took place in Ethiopia, igniting creativity and forward-thinking. The first Enkopa summit, organized by the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor and Skills and other collaborators, brought together experts and showcases from around the globe to convene in Addis Ababa and explore topics related to technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

During the two-day conference, Nigussu Tilahun, the State Minister of Labor and Skills in Ethiopia, highlighted the government’s crucial role in enabling job opportunities in the nation.

Nigussu stated that it is the responsibility of the government to establish and promote a favorable environment for the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

On October 12 and 13, there was an event with 150 speakers representing various industries such as fintech, health care, and agriculture.

According to Feven Tsehaye, the creator and head of Chakka Origins, a company that gathers natural resources from areas with high biodiversity, proper land management is essential for their operations in Ethiopia.

She emphasized the importance of collaborating with small-scale farmers.

Feven stated that it is logical to collaborate with them and optimize their space rather than resorting to deforestation or forcing people to relocate.

The two-day summit included discussions on the impact of AI on agriculture, as well as sustainable farming practices in Ethiopia.

Abrhame Endrias is the leader of Lersha, a company that offers digital services to farmers. He believes that providing accessible technology to farmers will increase their use of technology.

Lersha offers guidance on climate and pest management, supplies farming materials, and suggests mechanization options.

According to Abrhame, Lersha converts data into native languages to aid farmers in comprehending and making decisions. The data is delivered to the farmers through text messages.

Lersha primarily targets small-scale farmers, but there were also startups at the summit that catered to Ethiopia’s larger commercial farmers.

According to Semegn Tadesse, the CEO of ARMADA AgriTech, collaborating with professional farmers has the potential to bring about significant transformation.

Semegn stated that there is significant room for improvement among commercial farmers, who are currently underserved despite their financial capabilities. To demonstrate progress, attention should be given to this group.

The annual summit, financed by the United Nations Development Program and other collaborators, is anticipated to take place every year.