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International organizations urge Pakistan to safeguard Afghan individuals seeking refuge.
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International organizations urge Pakistan to safeguard Afghan individuals seeking refuge.

The United Nations reports that Afghanistan is currently dealing with multiple human rights issues, especially for women and girls, amidst a dire humanitarian situation.

The joint statement from the UN refugee agency and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) warns that Pakistan’s new plans could have severe consequences for those who have been displaced and may encounter significant safety concerns if they return to the country.

The United Nations agencies cautioned that the mandatory return of Afghan citizens could lead to serious violations of human rights, such as the splitting up of families and the expulsion of children.

According to the most recent update from UNHCR, Pakistan remains a leading country in hosting refugees, with a population of 1.3 million registered individuals who have been forced to leave their home countries. The majority of these refugees, 99%, are from Afghanistan.

‘Suspend forcible returns’

They repeated their request for all nations to halt the involuntary repatriation of Afghan citizens and guarantee that any potential returns to their country are carried out safely, respectfully, and with consent.

Recognizing that Pakistan has the right to make decisions about its internal policies, manage its population within its borders, and uphold public safety and security, the agencies reaffirmed their longstanding and close partnership with the Government.

UNHCR and IOM expressed gratitude for Pakistan’s generous hospitality towards Afghan nationals for more than 40 years, despite the difficulties. They also stated their willingness to assist in creating a comprehensive and sustainable system for registering and overseeing Afghan nationals, including those who require international protection.


This information can be found on the United Nations news website.