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France stated at the UN that equal treatment of states is essential and not up for discussion.
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France stated at the UN that equal treatment of states is essential and not up for discussion.

Ms. Colonna emphasized the importance of global hotspots and the situation in Africa during her address to the General Assembly. She stated that they believe in utilizing African solutions for African crises and are committed to providing support to African regional organizations when requested by their partners.

France is assisting the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in Niger to restore a constitutional order that was disrupted by force. This is in response to a coup attempt against President Mohamed Bazoum, who was democratically elected.

Finding solutions in Sudan

She cited Sudan as an example, where a violent war has been ongoing for over five months and where civilians bear the brunt of the conflict.

The responsibility falls on the international community to persistently pursue resolutions for peace, according to her statement. She also urges the parties involved to halt their fighting and protect civilians, as well as calling for a humanitarian ceasefire and a comprehensive political resolution.

Regarding the ongoing conflict in the eastern region of the DRC, which has been fueled by similar factors and has resulted in the same casualties for a significant period of time, she stated that France also stands behind regional efforts to resolve the conflict and promote a peaceful resolution through negotiations.

Ms. Colonna affirms that France will continue to be a trustworthy and steadfast ally to African regional organizations in their efforts for peace, development, democracy, and security on the continent.

Russian aggression against Ukraine

She expressed her strong condemnation of the military conflict in Ukraine, stating that no justification, either moral or legal, can excuse the invasion of a neighboring territory, attempts to annex through deceitful tactics, and the mistreatment of the civilian population.

She stated that what is evident is the display of extreme violence, willing to utilize any means, including starvation, in an attempt to revive its imperialistic fantasy.

She noticed that when presented with this issue, other countries such as France are actively addressing it by funding shipments through the World Food Programme (WFP) to help the most vulnerable nations. Additionally, they are making it easier for Ukrainian cereals to be exported through the European Union’s solidarity corridors.

France has provided financial support for various initiatives globally that aim to develop local agriculture and assist school canteens.

Defending cultural heritage

The Foreign Minister emphasized that France upholds the concept of protecting the historical treasures of nations, which are considered to be a cultural legacy of humanity.

She stated, “Whether it be Mosul or Timbuktu yesterday, Odessa or Lviv today, France stands with those who protect the cultural artifacts of nations at risk of destruction by hatred.”

France also upholds the idea of combating impunity and has shown its backing for the International Criminal Court (ICC) in both the Sahel, where it is used to prosecute jihadists who were previously subdued by France but now pose a threat to the region, and in Ukraine where war crimes against civilians occur on a daily basis.

The situation in Ukraine affects us all. If we allow our shared principles to be violated there, they will also be violated elsewhere. Likewise, if we reward one act of aggression, it will only lead to more in Ukraine or in other places.

The complete statement in French can be found here.