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The Secretary-General of the United Nations denounces the Russian assaults on cities and towns in Ukraine.
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The Secretary-General of the United Nations denounces the Russian assaults on cities and towns in Ukraine.

According to reports, Russian military forces launched a total of 158 missiles and drones overnight, attacking various areas in Ukraine such as Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Khmelnytskyi, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy, Cherkasy, Odesa, and Zaporizhzhia regions in multiple waves.

According to a statement released by his representative, Secretary-General António Guterres emphasized that any assaults on non-combatants and non-military structures are in violation of international laws regarding humanitarian actions, and are not acceptable. They should be ceased immediately.

The statement mentioned that he also expressed his sincere sympathies to the families of the victims and hoped for a quick recovery for those who were injured.

The Security Council is currently addressing the situation in Ukraine.

The Security Council met urgently on Friday to discuss the current state of affairs in Ukraine. During the meeting, Khaled Khiari, Assistant Secretary-General of the UN Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, provided updates to members.

Since the last update to Council members on December 6th, the Department has received ongoing reports of assaults on cities and towns in Ukraine. These attacks have targeted vital civilian and energy infrastructure, causing numerous civilian casualties.

During the Christmas period alone, attacks on the city of Kherson reportedly killed several people and wounded many others, while apartment buildings, a medical facility and a railway station packed with more than a hundred civilians awaiting evacuation, were struck.

The United Nations Secretary-General strongly condemns the recent extensive missile and drone strike carried out by the Russian Federation on various cities and towns in Ukraine, which targeted both civilians and important infrastructure. According to reports, the attack caused the death of 24 civilians and left 134 injured.

The targeting of innocent civilians must cease immediately.

Mr. Khiari restated that the UN Secretary-General strongly condemns the assaults on urban areas throughout Ukraine.

He emphasized that assaults on non-combatants and their infrastructure go against international laws of war, are not tolerable, and must be halted immediately.

In 2023, the OHCHR confirmed that there were 1,888 civilian fatalities and an additional 6,334 injuries. This brings the total number of casualties since Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022 to 29,113.

The real numbers are probably significantly greater.

The year 2023 will end just as it began.

Unfortunately, Mr. Khiari pointed out that 2023 is concluding in the same manner as it began, with the tragic occurrence of violence against the citizens of Ukraine.

He stated that once more, Ukrainians are compelled to use their holidays to find shelter, remove debris, and lay to rest those who have passed away, all while enduring freezing temperatures.

“As we anticipate the upcoming year with the goal of preventing further escalation, we remember the Secretary-General’s call to all involved parties to contribute towards establishing a lasting peace in Ukraine – in alignment with the principles of the UN Charter, international law, and resolutions from the General Assembly,” he stated.

Khaled Khiari, Assistant Secretary-General, provides an update to the Security Council about the current state in Ukraine.

The source is from the United Nations news organization.