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Australia plans to enhance training for Ukrainian soldiers in combat skills.

Australia plans to enhance training for Ukrainian soldiers in combat skills.

The Australian government has increased its “Operation Kudu” aid to Ukraine by $123.9 million.

As part of the agreement, the government of Canberra will send more soldiers to join a mission led by Britain that has been providing training for Ukrainian military recruits in England.

It has been nearly two years since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Australian troops have been assisting in the training of over 1,200 Ukrainian combat volunteers through a program led by the UK since January 2023.

The initiative known as “Operation Interflex” commenced in June 2022 and entails military trainers from twelve different countries, including Canada, New Zealand, and Norway. There are no plans for Australian troops to be deployed to Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldiers in training learn techniques for handling injuries on the battlefield, operating weapons, and strategies for evading detection by drones.

Starting next year, the ADF (Australian Defense Force) plans to increase their support for Ukrainian forces by sending more military training experts. Approximately 90 troops will be deployed on a three-month rotation, which is a higher number than the current group of 70.

Vasyl Myroshnychenko, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia, stated to the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Thursday that the added resources will have a positive impact.

Myroshnychenko stated that there is a strong human connection being formed between the ADF and Ukrainian troops during their five to six week training before being deployed to the front lines.

On Thursday, Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles will be in Darwin to meet with the most recent batch of soldiers who have completed training duties in southern England. In an interview with local media, Marles expressed that the mission, led by British forces, strengthens international unity in support of Ukraine.

Australia is one of the largest non-NATO contributors to Ukraine’s efforts, supplying armored personnel carriers, missiles and artillery ammunition.

Sanctions have been placed on numerous Russian officials, such as President Vladimir Putin, military leaders, and entrepreneurs, by Canberra.

These are the most comprehensive sanctions that Australia has ever imposed on another nation.

There is pressure for Australia to reopen its embassy in Kyiv, as other nations such as Indonesia, most members of the European Union, and Canada have already sent their diplomats back to the Ukrainian capital.