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The US has implemented a ban on the import of Apple Watches due to a patent dispute.

The US has implemented a ban on the import of Apple Watches due to a patent dispute.

On Tuesday, a ban on importing specific models of Apple smartwatches was implemented in the United States. This decision was made by the Biden administration, who chose not to veto a ruling that found the devices to be infringing on patents.

In October, the ITC ruled to prohibit the sale of certain Apple Watch models due to their use of patented technology for monitoring blood oxygen levels.

According to Apple, the ITC decision was incorrect and should be overturned. However, the company temporarily halted sales of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 in the US last week.

In 2021, a complaint was filed to the commission alleging that Apple had violated the light-based oximetry functionality of medical device company Masimo Corp. As a result, an order was issued.

The president’s office announced on Tuesday that after thorough discussions, Ambassador (Katherine) Tai has chosen to uphold the determination and the decision of the ITC, which officially became final on December 26, 2023.

Apple has continuously improved its fitness and health capabilities with every iteration of its Apple Watch, which leads the market for smartwatches.

In September, Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 9, promoting improved speed and new capabilities like the option to view and track health information.

Apple stated upon the ITC ban that their teams are continuously striving to develop products and services that provide users with top-of-the-line health, wellness, and safety capabilities.

Masimo has made an incorrect attempt to utilize the ITC in order to prevent millions of US consumers from accessing a potentially life-saving product, all while promoting their own watch which imitates Apple’s.

During the month of May, a legal case involving Masimo’s claims resulted in a mistrial due to the jury’s inability to come to a unanimous decision.

In the latter part of last year, Apple initiated legal action against Masimo for allegedly replicating technology used in the Apple Watch.