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The EU is examining Musk's X for potential violations of social media regulations.
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The EU is examining Musk’s X for potential violations of social media regulations.

The European Union is investigating whether Elon Musk’s online platform X violated recent regulations aimed at reducing toxic content on social media. This is the first investigation of its kind since the rules were implemented.

“European Commissioner Thierry Breton announced on Monday that we will be initiating formal infringement procedures against @X under the Digital Services Act.”

During a press briefing in Brussels, spokesperson Johannes Bahrke stated that the Commission will be conducting an investigation into X’s systems and policies regarding potential infringements. He emphasized that this investigation does not make any assumptions about the outcome.

The inquiry will examine if X, previously known as Twitter, did not take sufficient action to limit the dissemination of illicit material and if efforts to combat “information manipulation,” particularly through its Community Notes function, were successful.

The European Union will also investigate if X was transparent in its dealings with researchers and will explore concerns about its user interface, particularly its blue check subscription service, which may have a “misleading design.”

The company stated that it will continue to follow the Digital Services Act and cooperate with the regulatory process. They emphasized the importance of keeping this process free from political influence and in accordance with the law. The company’s main focus is to provide a safe and inclusive space for all users on their platform, while also upholding freedom of expression. They are committed to working tirelessly towards achieving this goal.

Several major technology companies have come under increased scrutiny following the implementation of the EU’s Digital Services Act earlier this year. This legislation includes the possibility of penalties of up to 6% of their global revenue, which could equate to billions of dollars, or potentially being banned from operating in the EU.

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is a comprehensive set of regulations aimed at protecting users on the internet and preventing the dissemination of harmful material, including illegal content like child sexual abuse and terrorism, as well as content that goes against a platform’s terms of service, such as promoting genocide or anorexia.

The European Union has officially identified X as the top source of false information online. Officials have urged owner Musk, who acquired the platform a year ago, to take stronger measures to combat this issue. The European Commission questioned X about its management of hate speech, false information, and violent terrorist content during the Israel-Hamas conflict.