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According to an official, there has been an increase in respiratory illness in China due to the presence of known pathogens.
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According to an official, there has been an increase in respiratory illness in China due to the presence of known pathogens.

According to a health official, China’s increase in respiratory illness is due to already known disease-causing agents and there is no indication of any new contagious diseases. This comes as the country enters its first winter without strict COVID-19 measures in place.

The sudden increase in sickness in the nation where COVID first appeared in the end of 2019 caught attention when the World Health Organization requested information last week. This was due to a report of groups of unexplained pneumonia cases in children.

According to Mi Feng, a representative from China’s National Health Commission, the Chinese government plans to establish additional pediatric outpatient facilities, promote the vaccination of older individuals and children against the flu, and urge the public to wear masks and practice hand hygiene.

Medical professionals in China and international specialists have not shown concern regarding the recent outbreaks in China. This is because various other countries also experienced rising cases of respiratory illnesses after lifting pandemic restrictions, which China did towards the end of last year.

On Friday, five Republican senators led by Marco Rubio asked President Joe Biden’s administration to ban travel between the United States and China after a spike in Chinese respiratory illness cases.

A representative from the Biden administration stated that the increase in respiratory illnesses in China is being closely observed by the United States. However, they also noted that these are typical seasonal patterns and there is nothing unusual about them. At this point, there is no evidence to suggest a connection between the individuals seeking medical attention in U.S. emergency departments and the respiratory illness outbreak in China.

Earlier this week, Maria Van Kerkhove, the acting director of the WHO’s department of epidemic and pandemic preparedness and prevention, stated that the increase in cases seemed to be caused by a rise in children being infected with pathogens that they had previously avoided due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Liu Pengyu, the Chinese Embassy spokesperson in Washington, stated in regards to the Rubio letter, “The accusations made are entirely malicious fabrications. China strongly denounces them.”

Additionally, Senators J.D. Vance, Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville, and Mike Braun also signed Rubio’s letter.