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Russia continues to exert pressure on Avdiivka while Kyiv seeks support from the EU Summit.
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Russia continues to exert pressure on Avdiivka while Kyiv seeks support from the EU Summit.

Ongoing and sporadic clashes persist in the eastern Ukrainian city of Avdiivka and the surrounding regions of Donetsk. Meanwhile, Kyiv is keeping a close eye on a European Union summit in Brussels, where the 27-nation bloc is anticipated to reaffirm its denouncement of Russia’s involvement in the conflict and express its support for Ukraine. There are concerns among some members about donor exhaustion.

In the last day, the Ukrainian military has successfully defended against 15 separate assaults from Russian troops in and near the town of Avdiivka. The town has been heavily damaged by Russian bombing.

Some experts suggest that Avdiivka has recently been the target of a major attack by Moscow, making it the biggest offensive in the ongoing war in months. As a result, many believe that Ukraine’s supply routes have been significantly reduced to a small passage.

The European Union leaders are anticipated to reassert their backing for “the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Ukraine” and “its inherent right to self-defense,” according to the summit’s draft conclusions, as reported by RFE/RL.

The draft, subject to approval by EU leaders, will reassert the bloc’s commitment to providing unwavering financial, economic, humanitarian, military, and diplomatic aid to Ukraine and its citizens for as long as necessary.

The proposed resolutions will also demand increased penalties against Russia for its aggressive actions and urge the European Commission to expedite proposals on using profits from Russia’s frozen assets to aid Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction efforts.

According to reports, Ukraine has temporarily shut down its recently established grain export route in the Black Sea due to concerns about potential danger from Russian military aircraft and underwater explosives.

According to Barva Invest, a company specializing in agricultural brokerage and analysis in Ukraine, there has been a temporary suspension of inbound and outbound vessel traffic due to reports from defense officials of heightened Russian aircraft activity in the Black Sea region.

In August, Ukraine declared a “humanitarian corridor” to allow ships to depart for African and Asian markets and avoid a blockade that was put in place when Russia terminated a previous agreement that ensured their exports during the war. The corridor follows Ukraine’s southwestern Black Sea coastline, passes through Romanian waters, and continues to Turkey.

Reuters provided some information for his report.