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Despite facing economic and emotional challenges, Ukrainians remain optimistic about the future.
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Despite facing economic and emotional challenges, Ukrainians remain optimistic about the future.

According to a recent Gallup poll, Ukrainians maintain a positive outlook for their future despite concerns about their emotional and financial state.

The Ukrainian people have been deeply affected by the war, which began with Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. Numerous individuals have expressed that they are struggling to meet basic needs like food and housing, while others have shared that they are experiencing a range of negative emotions, with worry being the most prevalent.

The living situation in Ukraine has been difficult, as shown by a survey where only 38% of respondents reported being content with their current standard of living. Additionally, about 63% expressed that living conditions are deteriorating.

Approximately 53% of the individuals surveyed reported experiencing instances in the past year when they could not afford to purchase food for themselves or their families. Additionally, around 48% of the respondents stated that they were unable to afford housing.

Ukrainians with a secondary education or lower were the most affected by the challenges. This category had 20% more individuals who could not afford food and 12% more who could not afford housing, in comparison to those with a higher level of education.

Despite showing signs of stabilization since the previous year, emotional problems continue to persist at elevated levels.

The most commonly felt negative emotion reported by over half (53%) of participants was worry. Other frequently experienced negative emotions included sadness (39%), stress (32%), and anger (22%).

A portion of the participants in the survey expressed experiencing positive feelings. Approximately 48% revealed that they either smiled or laughed the day before, while 54% stated they felt a sense of enjoyment.

On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the best possible life, the average response when asked about life satisfaction was 4.7.

However, the majority of Ukrainians are optimistic about their future. In a survey, when asked to rate their expectations for their lives in five years, the average response was 7.7.

The positive outlook is highlighted in the outcome of an earlier Gallup survey, which revealed that the majority of citizens are dedicated to persisting in the war until Russia is expelled from Ukrainian land.