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Women and girls in Darfur, Sudan are being kidnapped and kept in conditions similar to slavery.
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Women and girls in Darfur, Sudan are being kidnapped and kept in conditions similar to slavery.

The stark report was released amidst a significant increase in clashes between the Sudanese Government’s Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF), as well as heightened tensions between different communities in the volatile region.

The opposing armies have sparked a violent internal conflict in the nation over half a year ago. Numerous casualties have been reported and over 5.7 million people have been forced to flee their homes, both within and outside of the African country. Approximately 25 million individuals are currently dependent on various forms of humanitarian assistance.

According to reports, delegates from the conflicting groups are currently convening in Saudi Arabia for new discussions about peace, led by Saudi Arabia and the United States. The East African regional organization, IGAD, is also taking part in these talks.

According to Liz Throssell, the spokesperson for OHCHR, multiple sources have stated that more than 20 females have been abducted. However, the actual number may be greater.

She stated that there have been reports of females being seen in restraints on trucks and in vehicles.

Assigned to individuals wearing uniforms of the RSF.

By Thursday, the joint OHCHR-UNITAMS office in Sudan had received reports of over 50 cases of sexual violence related to the ongoing hostilities, affecting a total of 105 individuals, including 86 women, one man, and 18 children.

23 of the occurrences were related to rape, 26 were classified as gang rape, and 3 were categorized as attempted rape.

The office reported that out of the 37 recorded incidents of sexual violence, at least 70% were committed by men wearing RSF uniforms, eight were committed by armed men associated with RSF, two by men in unidentifiable uniforms, and one by the SAF.

The remaining instances were associated with unidentified males.

Urgent plea for immediate release.

Ms. Throssell demanded the prompt release of the kidnapped females and for those responsible to be held responsible.

She reiterated High Commissioner Volker Türk’s calls on senior officials of the SAF, the RSF and affiliated armed groups to enforce a policy of zero tolerance of sexual violence in their ranks.

Put an end to the conflict: United Nations Mission

UNITAMS expressed serious worry about the increase in violence by the military in Darfur and the severe consequences it has on innocent civilians, such as forced relocation, injuries, and damage to property.

The Mission has urged all conflicting groups to adhere to international laws regarding human rights and humanitarian efforts, and to guarantee the safety of civilians, enabling them to evacuate areas affected by conflict without harm.

“In light of the current focus on the Jeddah negotiations to establish a lasting ceasefire and increase humanitarian aid, I urge all involved parties to avoid further escalation and spread of the conflict,” stated Clementine Nkweta-Salami, the assistant leader of UNITAMS, on Thursday.

The toll on civilians from this conflict is beyond imagination. The fighting must cease and all involved parties must guarantee the safe delivery of humanitarian aid to the millions in Sudan who are in dire need.

The source of this information is the United Nations website.