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The World Food Programme is urgently requesting increased access to Gaza due to critically low levels of food supplies.
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The World Food Programme is urgently requesting increased access to Gaza due to critically low levels of food supplies.

Currently, parents in Gaza are unsure if they will be able to provide food for their children today and if they will even live to see tomorrow. The distressing conditions just a few meters away are unimaginable from our perspective on this side of the border,” stated Cindy McCain, the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

“I am urgently appealing for the millions of individuals whose lives are being devastated by this crisis,” she stated.

for Rohingya, says

The assistance provided is inadequate for the Rohingya community, according to reports.

In recent weeks, the only way to enter Gaza has been through the Rafah border crossing, as all other entry points have been closed. Despite an increase in aid being delivered, the United Nations agency reports that it is still not sufficient to keep up with the rapidly increasing needs.

The leader of WFP is wrapping up a two-day trip to Egypt, where she held meetings with high-ranking government representatives, including President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. She also toured the Egyptian Red Crescent’s center for humanitarian operations in Al Arish.

Ms. McCain expressed gratitude for all attempts to assist in the smooth delivery of humanitarian aid through the border with Gaza. The efforts of the Egyptian Red Crescent have been commendable. It is imperative that we continue to collaborate in order to ensure safe and consistent access to Gaza, considering the dire circumstances that families are facing.

This is more than just a tragedy that happened in one specific area.

Ms. McCain emphasized that the situation in Gaza serves as a powerful indication of the worsening state of our global food crisis, rather than solely being a localized tragedy.

She stated that the current situation not only poses a threat to peace and stability in the region, but also hinders our joint efforts to address global hunger.

The WFP is expanding their efforts to provide immediate food aid to over one million individuals in the coming weeks. Additionally, they have already distributed food and monetary assistance to 650,000 people in Gaza and the West Bank since October 7.

Additionally, the organization is delivering daily supplies of fresh bread, date bars, and canned food to families residing in UN shelters, as well as providing food packages to displaced families living in host communities. They are also offering cash assistance to individuals residing in these communities, allowing them to purchase food from open shops.

The source for this information is the United Nations News website.