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The UN's relief chief sees the second aid convoy as a small sign of hope for the millions of people in Gaza.
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The UN’s relief chief sees the second aid convoy as a small sign of hope for the millions of people in Gaza.

On X, previously known as Twitter, Martin Griffiths released a statement praising the aid given by the Egyptian Red Cross and the UN as a “ray of hope” for the countless individuals in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. He also emphasized the need for additional aid to be provided.

The contents of the trucks were not specified.

Aid and access

Over the weekend, a first group of vehicles arrived in Gaza, a region with a population of over two million that has been isolated from basic necessities such as water, food, medicine, and fuel due to ongoing conflicts.

20 trucks delivered essential items including medicine, canned tuna and tomato paste, flour, and sufficient drinking water for 22,000 individuals for one day. Several hundred additional trucks are waiting at the Rafah crossing in Egypt for permission to enter.

The United Nations has been requesting ongoing assistance for Gaza and for Hamas to release numerous individuals taken captive during their attack on southern Israel on October 7th, which sparked the current crisis.

Israel retaliated by continuously launching air attacks, imposing a total blockade on Gaza, and issuing evacuation orders for residents in the northern area of the region.

Genuine heroes require safeguarding.

According to humanitarian organizations, over one million individuals have been forced to leave their homes in Gaza. The water systems are currently functioning at only five percent of their usual capacity, and hospitals are struggling to keep up with the overwhelming number of patients and are at risk of shutting down.

Gaza was already in a dire humanitarian state due to years of blockade after Hamas took control in 2006, and UN agencies have described the situation now as “catastrophic”.

Around 406,000 individuals are currently seeking refuge in facilities managed by UNRWA, the United Nations organization that provides aid to Palestine refugees. On Sunday, UNRWA announced that their fuel supply will be depleted within three days. Ensuring safe access to humanitarian assistance for all people in Gaza is of utmost importance.

Mr. Griffiths commended the aid workers on the Palestinian side of the border for swiftly taking action to unload the goods from the trucks, despite the potential dangers.

He ended by emphasizing the importance of protecting these “real heroes”.