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The United Nations' Grandi expresses approval for the European Union's agreement to revamp their system for managing migration in the region.
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The United Nations’ Grandi expresses approval for the European Union’s agreement to revamp their system for managing migration in the region.

According to reports, there has been an agreement reached in Brussels regarding the New Pact on Migration and Asylum after three years of intense negotiations. The pact is set to take effect in 2024.

The agreement aims to evenly distribute migrants throughout the bloc, offering increased assistance and organization for handling claims in countries like Italy and Greece. This will be done through a system called the “solidarity mechanism.”

On X (previously known as Twitter), High Commissioner Filippo Grandi expressed his praise to Member States for successfully reaching an agreement.

The UNHCR is prepared to offer guidance and assistance.

He commended the EU and European Commission for coming to a political agreement on the European pact on migration and asylum. He expressed gratitude towards EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson for her determination and guidance.

“It is a highly beneficial move. Let’s focus on putting it into action now! Mr. Gandi states that UNHCR is prepared to offer guidance and assistance.”

For a long time, migration has been a contentious subject in Europe. Some nations have had to carry a higher burden in dealing with irregular migration, which they claim has come at the expense of protecting their borders.

The New Pact

The European Commission (EC) states that the New Pact on Migration and Asylum aims to establish rules and strategies that will lead to a more equitable, effective, and sustainable migration and asylum system.

The contract includes five main topics, such as rules about identifying non-European Union citizens upon their arrival; creating shared databases; improving asylum, deportation, and border processes; implementing a new system of solidarity; and ensuring the group is ready to handle any future immigration emergencies.

Before the agreement, the Pact had already provided several suggestions and advice on search and rescue, along with a voluntary solidarity mechanism between EU members.

“A challenge faced by Europe that necessitates European remedies.”

“Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, expressed satisfaction with the agreement and emphasized the need for European solutions to address the challenge of migration management.”

In a statement, she stated that every year, a large number of irregular migrants embark on dangerous voyages in order to reach our borders. These individuals are frequently preyed upon by criminals, smugglers, and traffickers who deceive them with deceptive assurances of secure transit and demand money from them.

She stated that the agreement would guarantee that Member States share the responsibility fairly, demonstrating solidarity with those who safeguard our external borders and preventing unauthorized migration to the EU.