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The United Nations approves the announcement of the reopening of the Kerem Shalom border crossing in Gaza.
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The United Nations approves the announcement of the reopening of the Kerem Shalom border crossing in Gaza.

Prior to the Hamas-initiated acts of terror on 7 October and the subsequent widespread destruction caused by Israel’s military retaliation, the primary means of transporting commercial goods into Gaza was through the crossing from Israel.

Previously, the only way for humanitarian aid to enter Gaza was through the Rafah crossing with Egypt. This crossing is primarily used for pedestrians, but truck inspections at Kerem Shalom have also been occurring, resulting in a lengthy and intricate journey for critical deliveries.

“The swift execution of this accord will enhance the delivery of assistance,” stated UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric, noting that “a humanitarian pause will further facilitate the dispersal of aid throughout Gaza.”

Based on media sources, assistance will be delivered to the Gaza area of Kerem Shalom once the specifics are settled.

According to Mr. Dujarric, OCHA’s UN humanitarians have reported that a significant portion of Gaza was still flooded on Friday due to heavy rainfall, further worsening the already dire human conditions.

Doctors trapped

According to OCHA, there have been conflicts near Al Awda Hospital in Jabaliya, located in the northern region of Gaza. It has been reported that 250 doctors, patients, and their family members are currently unable to leave the area.

After experiencing a period of downtime on Thursday, internet services have been reinstated, greatly affecting the ability of emergency personnel to carry out their duties and interrupting a crucial means of communication for a large number of individuals.

On Friday, the UNRWA disclosed that approximately 1.3 million displaced individuals are currently residing in 155 UNRWA facilities intended for Palestinian refugees.

According to the UN Spokesperson, the average amount of people who have been displaced and are currently staying in UNRWA facilities and shelters in the central and southern regions of Gaza is 12,387. This number exceeds their capacity by more than four times.

There are currently eight functioning UNRWA health centers in the Middle and Southern regions of Gaza. Despite this, UNRWA has managed to offer medical assistance to internally displaced individuals at shelters through the use of 97 medical teams.

According to him, every team consists of only one or two doctors and a nurse, while approximately 591 healthcare workers in health centers and shelters assisted around 12,000 patients.

Azzawieh Market in Gaza City lies in ruins.

© UNICEF/Omar Al-Qattaa

The Azzawieh Market in Gaza City has been destroyed.

There is currently a phenomenon of excess water flowing from the Red Sea into the Gulf of Aden, known as “spillover.”

During the regular noon briefing in New York, Mr. Dujarric addressed a question regarding Maersk’s announcement of pausing ship passage through the Red Sea due to attacks from Houthi militia. He stated that the decision was understandable.

The group that holds power over a large portion of Yemen, including the coast of the Red Sea, has pledged to attack ships traveling to Israel through the main shipping route in support of Hamas. The company expressed concern in a statement, calling the attacks concerning and a major danger to sailors.

On Friday, there were reports that two ships were attacked in the strait. One of the ships was hit by a drone, while the other was hit by missiles.

The decision was seen as a result of the ongoing assaults carried out by the Houthis, according to the statement made by the UN Spokesperson.

“The fundamental principle of international law, freedom of navigation, must be upheld…The waterway is essential for the global economy and trade,” he emphasized.