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The UN relief chief calls for an end to the violence in Haiti, stating that the carnage must be halted.
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The UN relief chief calls for an end to the violence in Haiti, stating that the carnage must be halted.

Martin Griffiths, the Emergency Relief Coordinator, tweeted on Friday urgently requesting an immediate cessation of the combat due to the dire circumstances.

The UN relief chief stated that this massacre must come to an end.

Major escalation

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), led by Mr. Griffiths, there has been a significant increase in violence in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, resulting in 71 deaths and injuries in just the last two weeks.

“Entire families, including children, were executed while others were burned alive. This upsurge in violence has caused unspeakable continued suffering of Haitians,” Philippe Branchat, acting UN Humanitarian Coordinator in the country said in a news release on Thursday.

In the Caribbean nation, the number of lives lost due to gang violence has exceeded 2,500, with over 1,000 people sustaining injuries.

At least 970 individuals from Haiti have been abducted, and 10,000 have been forcefully removed from their residences.

The most recent surge of aggression has caused over 10,000 individuals to be displaced, seeking shelter in improvised camps and with host families.

Blatant violations of human rights

On Thursday, the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) released a report detailing the severe human rights crisis in the country, which includes instances of violent murders and mob violence.

The report stated that due to feelings of insecurity and a government that is not working effectively, members of the community have taken up weapons like machetes, rocks, and fuel cans to violently prohibit gang members and their associates from entering their neighborhoods.

During the months of April and June, approximately 240 individuals believed to be part of gangs were killed by groups who identified themselves as “self-defense” organizations.

According to the report, certain murders seemed to be unplanned, while others were actively promoted, backed, or assisted by top-level law enforcement officials and members of the G-9 and their associates.

The report also outlined disturbing cases of sexual violence, such as group rape and disfigurement, carried out by gangs in order to instill fear, retaliate against enemies, and victimize women and girls within their territory.

BINUH is worried about the involuntary enlistment of minors by criminal organizations and the significant impact of the violence on the mental and emotional well-being of the people.

The office restated its request for the international community to send a specialized international force to handle the crisis.

Massive humanitarian needs

As reported by OCHA, almost half of the population in Haiti requires aid for both humanitarian and food purposes.

Despite facing difficulties in accessing the displaced population due to security concerns, humanitarian organizations are providing urgent assistance including food, water, shelter, sanitation, healthcare, and psychological support, especially for survivors of sexual violence.

OCHA stated that the citizens of Haiti must not remain confined to their homes, struggling to provide for their loved ones, secure employment, and maintain a decent standard of living.

The aid organization stated that they are dedicated to supporting the people of Haiti and helping to provide urgent relief to ease their suffering.