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The UN human rights chief urges for the cessation of violence and a resumption of dialogue in Gaza.
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The UN human rights chief urges for the cessation of violence and a resumption of dialogue in Gaza.

Volker Türk issued a statement expressing deep concern over reports that negotiations for a continuation of last week’s ceasefire have come to a standstill. He urged for the guns to be silenced and for dialogue to resume, as the suffering endured by civilians is unbearable. Türk emphasized that resorting to more violence will not bring about peace or security.

According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, hundreds of Palestinians have been killed due to Israeli bombardments since fighting resumed on Friday.

On Friday, no assistance was able to reach the enclave through the Rafah crossing with Egypt. On Saturday, there were limitations on deliveries, which had a negative effect on humanitarian efforts to assist millions of people who are facing a shortage of food, water, fuel, and other essential items.

No safe place

Mr. Türk was concerned that the resumed and escalated conflicts would result in additional loss of life, illness, and devastation.

“Due to Israel’s actions during the conflict and their instructions for individuals to evacuate from the northern and southern regions, a large number of people are now facing overcrowding and inadequate access to sanitation, food, water, and healthcare in southern Gaza. Despite the constant bombing, there is no place of safety for these individuals.”

He emphasized the importance of upholding international and human rights laws in order to protect civilians and allow for unobstructed humanitarian aid to reach those in need.

Concern for north Gaza

The United Nations’ chief for human rights expressed concern about the ongoing danger of airstrikes and lack of access to basic necessities for the hundreds of thousands of individuals still residing in northern Gaza.

He stated that the current dire circumstances and the instructions to relocate south are causing people to be compelled to move, seemingly with the intention of emptying northern Gaza of its Palestinian residents.

“The international community has observed a continuous series of atrocities during this current crisis, including deliberate targeting of innocent civilians, indiscriminate rocket attacks, the use of explosive weapons in densely populated areas, acts of collective punishment, hindrance of humanitarian aid, and taking of hostages – all of which are prohibited by international law,” he stated.

The speaker emphasized the importance of thoroughly investigating and holding accountable those responsible for multiple and severe violations of international law. If national authorities are unable or unwilling to conduct these investigations and prosecutions, an international investigation is required.

Change course now

He encouraged countries to use their full authority to ensure that all parties follow their responsibilities according to international law and prevent the occurrence of international crimes.

The time to alter our direction is currently. Those who defy international laws have been warned that consequences will be faced. No one is exempt from following the law,” he stated.

“The World Health Organization is appealing for a halt to the fighting and for all parties to facilitate immediate and unimpeded access to those in need.”

The World Health Organization is urging for an end to the conflict and for all involved parties to allow timely and unrestricted aid to those who require it.

The leader of the World Health Organization (WHO) also urged for a cessation of violence in Gaza in a post on social media on Saturday.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, expressed concern about the continuing violence and bombing, describing it as “terrifying.”

On Friday, he mentioned that a group from WHO had gone to the Nassar Medical Hospital in southern Gaza. This hospital had provided shelter for numerous individuals and was providing care for patients on the ground.

“He expressed his concern on X, previously known as Twitter, stating that the current conditions are extremely inadequate and unimaginable for providing healthcare. He was at a loss for words to fully convey the severity of the situation and urged for an immediate ceasefire.”

The source of the information is the United Nations’ official website.