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The situation in Gaza is a crisis that must never allow for starvation, according to the United Nations' chief of human rights.
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The situation in Gaza is a crisis that must never allow for starvation, according to the United Nations’ chief of human rights.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Türk, stated that using starvation as a tactic or outcome of warfare is unacceptable. This statement comes after a concerning report on food security was published on Thursday, which further confirmed previous warnings about the dire hunger situation in the besieged area amidst ongoing conflict.

Mr. Türk took to Twitter to urge Israel to take prompt action in order to guarantee the safety of those who are not participating in the confrontations between the Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas militants. He also called for measures to be taken to facilitate the distribution of enough food supplies to meet the humanitarian needs of the affected areas.

According to the IPC report, if the current circumstances of intense conflict and limited aid access continue, famine may occur in the next six months.

The total number of individuals in Gaza, approximately 2.2 million, are currently facing severe levels of food insecurity or even worse conditions.

The report from IPC emphasized that while the famine threshold has not been reached, there is significant worry among aid workers regarding malnutrition in vulnerable populations such as children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and the elderly.

A difficult experience for adolescent females.

The UN agency for Palestinians, UNRWA, has cautioned that over 690,000 women and teenage girls in the enclave are facing a severe humanitarian crisis and lack access to menstrual hygiene products.

Tamara Alrifai, a spokesperson, stated in a tweet that UNRWA provides sanitary napkins. However, this, like all our other distributions, is not enough to meet the needs of those living in Gaza.

On Thursday, the UN’s aid coordination office, OCHA, stated that there were significant Israeli attacks from the air, land, and sea throughout most of the Gaza Strip, as well as rocket launches from Hamas into Israel.

According to the latest update from OCHA, there has been ongoing and fierce conflict between Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza, with the exception of Rafah. Palestinian armed groups have also continued to launch rockets into Israel.