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The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, expressed shock and dismay over the attack on a group of ambulances in Gaza.
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The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, expressed shock and dismay over the attack on a group of ambulances in Gaza.

As per reports, ambulances were transporting severely injured and ill patients from Al Shifa Hospital to hospitals in the southern Gaza Strip when they were hit at the hospital entrance.

The UN leader expressed shock at the attack that took place in Gaza, where an ambulance convoy was targeted near Al Shifa Hospital. He stated that the distressing images of bodies scattered near the hospital are deeply concerning. The statement was released on Friday night, according to New York time.

He mentioned that he has not disregarded the acts of terror carried out by Hamas in Israel, which included violence and kidnappings, even against innocent women and children. He emphasized the urgent and unconditional release of all hostages being held in Gaza.

Mr. Guterres stated that for about a month now, innocent civilians in Gaza, including women and children, have been trapped, deprived of assistance, lost their lives, and had their homes destroyed by bombs.

He emphasized, “This needs to come to an end.”

Nowhere is safe

Mr. Guterres also mentioned that the conditions for people in Gaza are “horrific”.

“The current amount of food, water, and medicine being supplied is insufficient to meet the needs of the people. There is a shortage of fuel to operate hospitals and water treatment facilities,” he stated. He also mentioned that UNRWA shelters, which are aiding Palestine refugees, are currently at almost four times their maximum capacity and are being affected by ongoing bombings.

The morgues are at capacity. The stores have no inventory. The state of sanitation is extremely poor. There is a rise in illnesses and breathing problems, especially among young people. The entire community is experiencing trauma. There is no place that is considered secure.

Respect humanitarian law

The Secretary-General reiterated his call for a humanitarian pause, emphasizing the importance of upholding international humanitarian law.

Non-combatants and non-military structures, such as aid workers and facilities, should be safeguarded. The use of civilians as human shields is unacceptable. He also emphasized the importance of allowing essential supplies and services to enter and move throughout Gaza without interference, taking into account the severity of the current circumstances.

The leader of the United Nations emphasized the importance of using one’s influence to uphold the laws of war, put an end to suffering, and prevent the conflict from spreading to the entire region.

WHO: ‘Utterly shocked’

The director of the WHO expressed deep shock over the attack on the ambulances.

“I am deeply disturbed by the news of ambulances being targeted while trying to transport patients near Al Shifa hospital in Gaza. This has resulted in fatalities, injuries, and destruction,” stated Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on X, previously known as Twitter.

“We emphasize the importance of protecting patients, health workers, facilities, and ambulances at all times,” he emphasized.

The agency also released a statement denouncing attacks on healthcare, specifically the targeting of hospitals and hindering the delivery of crucial aid such as medical supplies, fuel, and water. These actions may potentially constitute violations of international humanitarian law.

The WHO restated its plea for a prompt halt to hostilities, stressing the critical importance of safeguarding the safety of healthcare employees, those seeking medical treatment, transportation for healthcare purposes, and medical facilities.