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The Russian Foreign Minister criticizes the West for spreading a "empire of lies".
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The Russian Foreign Minister criticizes the West for spreading a “empire of lies”.

Sergey Lavrov stated that the old order, controlled by Washington and known for disregarding the concept of equality, was losing its grip on power.

According to the speaker, people from America and Europe often make promises but fail to keep them.

According to President Vladimir Putin, the West was known as “an empire of lies” and had even planned an attack against their Soviet allies during World War Two while fighting against Nazism.

Soviet and subsequent Russian leaders were promised political reassurances that NATO would not expand to the east, but this was ultimately proven to be false.

According to him, Washington and Brussels have continuously tried to increase their influence and partnerships in order to control the developing regions of the world and the East. They have also disregarded Russia’s request for mutual security assurances.

The warfare strategy employed by West against our nation, referred to as ‘hybrid war’.

Referring to Ukraine, he stated that the Western nations have continued to escalate the militarization of the anti-Russian government in Kyiv, which was established through a violent overthrow in 2014. He also noted that this provided an opening for them to engage in a hybrid war against our country.

The goal has been to strategically defeat Russia, as argued by the speaker. This has led to a US-led offensive that has expanded into outer space and the spread of disinformation online.

Mr. Lavrov stated that the creation of subordinate alliances was clearly directed towards undermining more inclusive regional forums and was specifically aimed at Russia and China.

The speaker stated that the “global majority,” representing anti-colonial sentiment, is tired of Western domination and the disrespect towards their culture, religions, traditional beliefs, and independence.

He viewed Russia and China as protectors of a emerging multipolar system – the dominant global structure – and currently the West is actively attempting to impede its progress.

‘Coercive measures’

The Foreign Minister of Russia criticized the United States for implementing unilateral sanctions and “coercive measures”, showing support for Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, and other countries, while the US continues to push for a “Ukrainization” of the global agenda.

He stated the need for a complete overhaul of the “global governance structure,” which includes international financial mechanisms led by the UN and the United Nations’ main bodies. He also criticized the Secretariat for favoring NATO and the European Union’s capitals.

Lavrov advocated for the enlargement of the Security Council to encompass Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

He stated that reformation should be founded on a fair and agreed-upon consensus, using the BRICS alliance of influential economies as an illustration. The BRICS group is projected to grow beyond Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

“Prevent a major war”

Mr. Lavrov closed his case with an appeal for compromise, saying “humanity is at a crossroads…It is in our shared interest to prevent a downward spiral into large scale war.”

He referenced the Secretary-General’s plea for global leaders to come together and engage in discussions with a mindset of cooperation during this year’s UN General Assembly. This is essential in shaping our shared future for the greater good.

He concluded that this was a great reply to those who categorize our world as either democracies or autocracies and impose their neocolonial regulations onto others.

Full statement in Russian available here