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of war

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is causing daily attacks, leading to increased suffering for those affected by war.
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of war The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is causing daily attacks, leading to increased suffering for those affected by war.

Miroslav Jenča, the UN’s Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, expressed worry about the ongoing and frequent targeting of civilians and civilian structures in Ukraine.

He informed the ambassadors that numerous non-military individuals have lost their lives or been harmed, and a large number have been forced to leave their homes. He also stated that approximately 17.6 million people, nearly half of the total population, require urgent aid to survive.

Rising death toll

The UN human rights office (OHCHR) reported that since Russia’s full-scale invasion in February of last year, 9,933 individuals have lost their lives and 18,302 have been injured.

Mr. Jenča stated that the reported numbers may be significantly greater, as there are still pending verifications from regions experiencing ongoing conflicts.

The higher-ranking United Nations representative also mentioned that the conflict has had an effect on crucial resources such as education, healthcare, housing, food, and safe drinking water.

Escalation of attacks

Mr. Jenča outlined recent attacks on both sides of the frontlines, in which scores of civilians were killed and many others injured across Ukraine.

In recent weeks, there has been a trend of increasing attacks on important infrastructure, including energy infrastructure, throughout the country. The potential harm to civilians, especially during the winter season, is a major concern.

He firmly denounced the ongoing attacks, regardless of location or perpetrator.

“He emphasized that these acts are not permitted according to international humanitarian law and they are unacceptable. They must be stopped immediately.”

Two-year mark approaching

Mr. Jenča stressed the ongoing concerns about the potential for increased violence and the effects of the conflict on Ukraine’s citizens and global security, as the two-year anniversary approaches.

To wrap up, he encouraged every Member State to fulfill their duties in upholding the UN Charter, preventing any further escalation of the war and its impact, and creating a solid basis for lasting peace in accordance with the Charter, global laws, and resolutions from the General Assembly.

He stated that we are prepared to assist in any significant endeavors towards this goal.