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Guterres cautions against escalation in the Red Sea.
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Guterres cautions against escalation in the Red Sea.

The leader of the United Nations made a plea one day after the United States and the United Kingdom, with backing from other nations, conducted airstrikes in various areas of Yemen as a reaction.

The United Nations Security Council is convening in New York to address the crisis, only a few days after passing a resolution calling for an immediate halt to Houthi assaults.

Respect and complianceĀ 

According to a statement from his spokesperson, the Secretary-General emphasized the importance of fully adhering to resolution 2722.

The Secretary-General restates that it is unacceptable to launch attacks against international shipping in the Red Sea region. Such actions put global supply chains at risk and have a detrimental effect on the worldwide economic and humanitarian conditions.

Furthermore, any Member State taking action to protect their vessels from attacks must adhere to the regulations outlined in the Resolution, as dictated by international law.

He urged all parties not to exacerbate the situation for the sake of peace and stability in the Red Sea and surrounding areas.

The Secretary-General emphasizes the importance of preventing actions that may exacerbate the situation in Yemen. He urges all parties to work towards achieving peace and not to undermine the progress made towards ending the conflict in Yemen, according to the statement.