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From the Field: Transforming lives in Darién jungle
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From the Field: Transforming lives in Darién jungle

Migrants come ashore from the Chucunaque River after crossing the Darién jungle.

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Individuals who have migrated cross the Darién jungle and reach land from the Chucunaque River.

More and more migrants are making the perilous trek through the Darién jungle that stretches along the Colombia-Panama border. Etzaida Rios, 35, has a profound experience in offering hope and assistance.

She is employed as a Community Officer at the International Organization for Migration (IOM), stationed at a temporary migrant reception center in San Vicente. This center is one of the primary destinations for migrants arriving, many of whom are fatigued, malnourished, dehydrated, or injured.

“People arrive with pressing needs and many questions,” she said, after attending to Zuleybis, who fractured her leg while crossing the Darién with her husband José and four children. The Venezuelan family received treatment at the centre before continuing their path north.

“The most difficult aspect is observing distress and listening to heart-wrenching accounts,” she stated. “Though we may come across horrific events on the news or in written form, it is even more challenging and disheartening to witness it firsthand as it unfolds before us.”

You can find more information about Ms. Rios and her story at this link.

The source is the United Nations news website.

The origin of this information is the official news site of the United Nations.