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Brazil's former president, Lula da Silva, stated at the UN Assembly that armed conflicts are a violation of human rationality.
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Brazil’s former president, Lula da Silva, stated at the UN Assembly that armed conflicts are a violation of human rationality.

Global inequalities

According to Mr. Silva, the global population is facing growing inequality due to multiple crises such as COVID-19, security concerns, racial discrimination, intolerance, and limited access to basic needs like food and clean water. It is crucial that action is taken to prevent these inequalities from further increasing.

Mr. Silva stated that the top ten wealthiest individuals possess a greater amount of wealth than the bottom 40 percent of the world’s population.

The fate of every child born on Earth appears to be predetermined before they are even born. The geographical location and social status of their parents will ultimately determine the opportunities available to them throughout their life.

According to Mr. Silva, disparities in obtaining safe and secure food and water, healthcare, education, and employment opportunities contribute to inequalities and are further intensified by increasing geopolitical tensions.

The unpredictable and extreme weather patterns are right at our doorstep causing chaos in our climate.

Brazil has quickly become a leader among the Global South for coordinating climate diplomacy. Mr. Silva emphasized the need for urgent, comprehensive international cooperation to avoid a worsening climate crisis.

According to Mr. Silva, climate change is a destructive force that impacts our communities and nations, resulting in death, suffering, and destruction of homes and cities. The most heavily affected by this loss and damage are the vulnerable populations in the Global South.

In August, the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) summit was held in Brazil, bringing together leaders from eight South American countries to address issues related to protecting the rainforest and combating the climate crisis.

Furthermore, Brazil has achieved a 48% reduction in deforestation in the Amazon and has emerged as a global leader in transitioning to renewable energy. Currently, 87% of Brazil’s electricity is generated from renewable sources.

“In Brazil, we have already proven once, and will prove again, that a socially fair and environmentally sustainable model is possible. We are at the forefront of energy transition, and our matrix is already one of the cleanest in the world.”

Mr. Silva plans to meet with US President Joe Biden at the UNGA on Wednesday to address the climate crisis. 

Geopolitical tensions

Mr. Silva stated that his Government has chosen not to openly side with China, Russia, or the United States amid increasing tensions. While Brazil has declined to offer military assistance to Ukraine, it is among several other countries denouncing Russia’s aggression and urging for diplomatic negotiations.

“He stated that armed conflicts go against human logic and reason. We are aware of the atrocities and pain caused by wars. It is the responsibility of everyone to advocate for a culture of peace.”

Brazil has expressed disapproval of the UN Security Council’s effectiveness in preventing global conflict from spreading.

The credibility of the Security Council has been declining over time due to the unauthorized wars or regime changes carried out by its permanent members. The Council’s inability to act effectively is a clear indication that it is in urgent need of reform, which would increase its representation and effectiveness.

Brazil’s President speaks at the 78th Session of the United Nations General Debate.