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At a holy site in Nepal, the leader of the United Nations urges for worldwide efforts towards peace.
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At a holy site in Nepal, the leader of the United Nations urges for worldwide efforts towards peace.

Mr. Guterres opened his remarks by expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to be present at Lumbini, a place known for its spiritual, calm, and tranquil atmosphere.

“I am honored to have received an invitation to honor Lord Buddha.”

Lumbini, located in southern Nepal, is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site and is renowned as the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It is a place of great spiritual importance and attracts numerous pilgrims from around the globe.

“Think deeply about the teachings of Buddha.”

Mr. Guterres encouraged individuals to contemplate the fundamental principles of Buddhism and how they apply to the current chaotic state of the world.

He emphasized the clashes in various areas such as the Middle East and Ukraine, as well as the Sahel and Sudan. He also mentioned the weakening of international regulations and organizations, and the destructive consequences of these conflicts on regular civilians, particularly women and children.

The Secretary-General also showed worry about the high number of individuals forced to leave their homes due to violence, conflict, and persecution. The ongoing struggles of poverty, inequality, and the growing consequences of climate change were also highlighted as persistent issues.

A clear choice

The message from the United Nations leader was straightforward: “We have a choice as humans. The road to peace is within our grasp. It may not always be simple, but with the guidance of Lord Buddha’s timeless teachings, I am confident that we can turn it into a reality through our actions.”

He proposed steps that can pave the path towards safeguarding human rights and preserving dignity, fostering trust and comprehension, attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and tackling the climate crisis by promptly decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and reviving biodiversity.

Mr. Guterres emphasized the Buddhist message of compassion, non-violence, and interdependence as an inspiration for all and source of unity.

“Peace is more than just a grand idea; it is a call to action. Guterres concluded by urging the world to take action for peace from these sacred gardens.”

Secretary-General António Guterres addresses the joint session of the Nepalese Parliament in Kathmandu.

Narendra Shrestha is from Nepal.

Narendra Shrestha hails from Nepal.

The Nepalese Parliament in Kathmandu is addressed by Secretary-General António Guterres in a joint session.

Speak to the Legislative Assembly

The Secretary-General was invited by the Government for an official trip to Nepal. On Tuesday, he spoke at a joint session of the Nepalese Parliament, acknowledging the country’s advancements despite enduring a decade of internal armed conflict.

He stated that you are in the process of finalizing the Nepalese-led peace process, which aims to heal the effects of war through transitional justice.

“We understand that transitional justice is most likely to be successful when it is all-encompassing, inclusive, and prioritizes the needs of victims,” he stated. He mentioned that the UN is prepared to assist with the victim-focused process and its adherence to global standards and decisions made by the Supreme Court.

The leader of the UN also acknowledged Nepal’s efforts in international peacekeeping, addressing climate change, promoting multilateralism, and advancing technology and digital accessibility.

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The source of this information is from the United Nations news website.