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According to Biden, by uniting, we have the ability to overcome any obstacle.
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According to Biden, by uniting, we have the ability to overcome any obstacle.

However, he expressed strong support for Kyiv and noted that for the second consecutive year, the annual discussion at the UN General Assembly is overshadowed by “the shadow of war” due to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine without provocation.

The speaker emphasized that Russia bears full responsibility for the ongoing war and has the ability to end it immediately. They questioned whether the independence of any country can truly be safeguarded if we allow Ukraine to be divided.

“We must take a stand against this aggression now and prevent future aggressors,” he emphasized, affirming that the United States, alongside its international allies and partners, will stand in solidarity with Ukraine to protect its independence, land borders, and liberty.

“It is not just a contribution towards Ukraine’s future, but towards that of every nation.”

The curved path of historical progress

Initially, he remembered a recent visit to Vietnam and stated that it would be unimaginable for a US President to publicly declare a shared commitment in Hanoi, given the history of war between the two countries.

He stated that our past does not have to determine our future. Through strong leadership, enemies can become allies, difficult problems can be solved, and serious wounds can be mended. When we unite, we have the ability to shape the course of history.

“We are connected to your future.”

The United States aims to create a safer, more prosperous, and fair future for everyone because they understand their destiny is intertwined with others. It is impossible for any country to face the current challenges on their own.

In order to confront new obstacles, traditional establishments need to be modernized by incorporating leaders from previously underrepresented regions. This will allow for the tackling of important matters like reforming the Security Council and investing in developing nations.

“Twenty-first century results are badly needed to move us along,” he said. “That starts with the United Nations, right in this room.”

He stated that the United Nations must persist in maintaining peace and preventing conflicts, as well as regulating the advantages and difficulties that come with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Regional relations

He emphasized the current progress happening in various regions and discussed the work being done to achieve a fair and permanent resolution for Israelis and Palestinians, including the creation of two separate states. Regarding the relationship between the US and China, he stated that the US aims to carefully handle the competition between the two countries to avoid any potential conflicts. He also stated that the US does not want to completely separate from China, but rather reduce any potential risks.

Climate crisis

He emphasized the urgency of addressing the climate crisis, citing devastating floods in Libya and extreme droughts and floods occurring simultaneously while the world continues to rely on fossil fuels.

Since the beginning of his Administration, the US has viewed this threat as a life-or-death situation and has taken action through the implementation of new laws and initiatives.

“This year, the global community is on track to fulfill the promise of providing $100 billion in climate finance as agreed upon in the Paris Agreement,” he stated. “However, there is a need for increased investment in both the public and private sectors, particularly in areas that have had minimal impact on global emissions.”

Global goals

He stated that in order to speed up the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) worldwide, “we must all do more,” and promised Washington’s dedication.

Regarding security concerns, he stated that the United States completely eliminated its supply of chemical weapons by 2023. However, he also mentioned that Russia is currently disregarding longstanding agreements on arms control.

He expressed disapproval of the DPRK’s ongoing disregard for Security Council resolutions and advocated for the use of diplomacy to address remaining issues. He also addressed Tehran’s disruptive actions, which pose a threat to both regional and global security, stating that “Iran should never possess nuclear weapons.”

We possess the power.

75 years ago, the Universal Declaration for Human Rights was adopted. However, it is still necessary to address discrimination.

He stated that it is within our control to create a safer and more sustainable world for everyone through partnerships and shared optimism.

He stated that at this crucial moment in time, our actions will determine if we are true to the commitments we have made to ourselves and one another.

“Can we discover the bravery to take necessary action and uphold the principles of the United Nations?” he inquired. “There is only one possible response to that question. We must, and we shall. Let us collaborate in this endeavor. Together, let us shape the course of history for the betterment of the world. It is within our capability to achieve it.”