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A peacekeeper from Indonesia has been awarded the UN Woman Police Officer of the Year.

On Wednesday, she will be honored at a special ceremony held at the UN Headquarters in New York.

It will be showcased at the yearly United Nations Police Week, occurring from November 13th to 17th.

Sergeant Rismayanti is the Crime Database Officer for MINUSCA and has played a key role in creating and implementing a crucial database that allows the UN Police to identify and study locations with high levels of crime and disorder.

This also enables the nation’s security forces to more effectively strategize their actions in aid of the community members.

‘Significant contribution’

In April 2014, the Security Council was convened to address the intercommunal violence that began a year prior. This violence was sparked by the removal of the president by predominantly Muslim militants, resulting in retaliatory attacks from predominantly Christian militia groups.

There are almost 18,000 individuals employed, with over 16,300 of them being uniformed personnel. About 2,415 of these individuals are police officers. Throughout its deployment, there have been more than 160 deaths.

The source is the United Nations news website.