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A female champion boxer defeats hatred in Central America.
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A female champion boxer defeats hatred in Central America.

Yokasta Valle, who faced discrimination as a female in a male-dominated sport and as a migrant from Nicaragua to Costa Rica, advocates for “eliminating hate.”

Several of my coworkers have said to me that if they, being men, could not achieve success, then it would be even more difficult for me as a woman. However, I firmly believe that there is nothing that women are incapable of doing. I often remind young girls to use any negative words or discrimination as motivation to reach their aspirations and prove to the world that our potential knows no bounds.

Yokasta has taken the discouragement she faced in her career and turned it into motivation to challenge stereotypes and defy expectations.

At the age of 13, I began training in boxing. Despite negative comments from others, I used those words as motivation to prove them wrong. This is what she shared in an interview with UN News.

She fulfilled her promise and achieved the title of World Boxing Champion in the 105-pound weight division for both the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Organization.

Yokasta Valle is a five-time world boxing champion.

Yokasta Valle

Yokasta Valle has achieved the title of world boxing champion five times.

Allegra Baicochi, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Costa Rica, expresses gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Yokasta Valle, a remarkable athlete who has triumphed over numerous obstacles throughout her life, such as adjusting to a new country at a young age and enduring discrimination and exclusion.

Yokasta recently had a meeting with Alice Nderitu, the United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, to discuss her efforts in fighting against discrimination and hate speech. Nderitu praised Yokasta for not only being a skilled boxer, but also for being an advocate for human rights.

Retelling the Story of How a Champion Boxer Defeats Hate

The two found common ground in their shared struggle against discrimination. “She’s a young, female boxer who is very strong in her field. She has a lot of wins, lots of titles. And she is originally from Nicaragua but moved to Costa Rica as a migrant and fought the odds that migrants fight,” says Ms. Nderitu.

The Special Adviser praises her strength both inside and outside the ring, noting her large social media following and advocacy against hate speech. Her message on countering hate speech towards migrants is highly relatable.

Yokasta Valle is partnering with the UN in Costa Rica to promote the Sustainable Development Goals.

The organization UNESCO in Costa Rica, represented by Yonel Puga.

Yokasta Valle has joined forces with the United Nations in Costa Rica to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Special Adviser commended Yokasta’s messages, which addressed not only hate speech against migrants but also gender discrimination. The adviser described her as a powerful advocate for human rights, and noted the unique combination of being both a boxer and a humble, kind person.

Yokasta reflects on the discrimination she faced as a woman and a migrant from Nicaragua. Despite being told that women are not suited for the sport and being told to go back to her home country, she persevered.

Yokasta recognizes the tendency for hate speech to spread on social media and believes in the importance of combating it. She acknowledges that posts containing hate speech and discrimination can have a negative impact on individuals.

She suggests reposting and commenting, stating that one does not need to constantly pay attention to everything they read and see. She emphasizes the importance of seeing things as they truly are.

On March 8, which is International Women’s Day, the United Nations House in Costa Rica held an event to announce Yokasta as their new Champion.

This recognition is given to people who exemplify leadership in fields such as athletics and advocate for human rights through their communications.

Yokasta stated her determination to fulfill her new position. She recognizes the significant responsibility that comes with being a UN champion and is ready to take it on.