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70 ambassadors from the United Nations in Geneva are urging for global intervention in regards to the situation in Gaza.
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70 ambassadors from the United Nations in Geneva are urging for global intervention in regards to the situation in Gaza.

Local health authorities have reported that over 11,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in a single month of conflict. Children, women, and the elderly make up 75% of the casualties, with more than 26,000 individuals being injured.

In addition, they stated that multiple sources have reported a higher number of Palestinian children killed in Gaza in a span of three weeks than the total number of children killed in global conflict zones since 2019.

Healthcare under fire

70 Ambassadors to the UN Office at Geneva came together to make a unified statement, with 41 of them attending in person on Friday.

According to their statement, hospitals in Gaza are experiencing a slowdown due to the lack of fuel and electricity.

“They reported that physicians are conducting operations without the use of anesthesia, while mothers are witnessing their infants struggle for life in incubators due to limited electricity. They also mentioned that the sole cancer hospital in Gaza has ceased operations and other medical facilities have been targeted by bombings.”

In addition, over 50 families in Gaza have been completely removed from the official records, effectively destroying them.

Lives were taken and houses were demolished by those who seek to help others.

Additionally, they highlighted the deaths of numerous aid workers, particularly those from UNRWA, the United Nations organization that provides aid to Palestinian refugees in Gaza and throughout the Middle East.

UNRWA has acknowledged that 101 of its employees have passed away since the beginning of the conflict on October 7th. On Monday, UN offices globally will pay tribute to them by observing a moment of silence, and the UN flag will be lowered to half-mast.

The representatives reported that non-military structures in Gaza, including refugee camps, residential buildings, educational facilities, bakeries, and places of worship, have been deliberately attacked and destroyed. Furthermore, 45% of all housing has been completely demolished, made unlivable, or harmed in some way.

are blocked in Syria

The flow of aid and the implementation of a ceasefire have been hindered in Syria.

They called for an urgent halt to fighting and encouraged the global community to use their influence to guarantee critical humanitarian aid and access, as well as the reinstatement of essential services.

In addition, it is necessary to release all hostages and political prisoners, and measures must be implemented to ensure the safety of civilians and protect civilian buildings, specifically UNRWA schools which are currently functioning as emergency shelters.

They also called for measures to stop the forced relocation of Palestinians within or outside of Gaza.

The statement called upon Israel to promptly allow the Independent International UN Commission of Inquiry to investigate the occupied Palestinian territory. It also stressed the significance of tackling and eliminating the underlying reasons for the ongoing crisis and repeated instances of aggression.