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Zelenskyy of Ukraine reports significant losses for Russia.

Zelenskyy of Ukraine reports significant losses for Russia.

In a published interview on Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that the perception of Russia winning the war that has been ongoing for almost two years is simply a “feeling”. He also noted that Moscow is still experiencing significant losses on the battlefield.

During an interview with The Economist, Zelenskyy did not provide any evidence to support his claim about Russian casualties. He stated that Ukraine’s goals for 2024 include weakening Russia’s stronghold in Crimea to decrease attacks on Ukraine and safeguarding important cities on the eastern front.

In the previous month, Russian leader Vladimir Putin stated that their progress on the front lines was improving and they will continue their campaign until they have achieved their goals, which include denazification, demilitarization, and securing Ukraine’s neutral status.

In the east and south, a Ukrainian counteroffensive that began in mid-2023 has been deemed a failure by Russian authorities.

Russian officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding Zelenskyy’s recent statements.

Zelenskyy recognized in his remarks to The Economist that their efforts in 2023 may not have met the expectations of the world. It’s possible that things did not progress as quickly as some had envisioned.

However, the belief that Russian troops were prevailing was simply a “perception,” based on the significant casualties suffered by Russian forces in the besieged town of Avdiivka, which he personally inspected last week.

During the virtual interview with the magazine, he revealed that numerous Russian soldiers were killed and their bodies were left behind without being retrieved.

On the other hand, he praised the significant achievement of Ukrainian troops overcoming a Russian blockade in the Black Sea, which has opened up a new route for exporting grain along its southern coast.

According to him, if Ukraine were to lose the war, it would embolden Russia to potentially attack other nations. He compared Russian President Putin to an animal, stating that he becomes aggressive when he senses vulnerability and is driven by a desire for power.

He stated that in order to convince the world that protecting Ukraine also meant safeguarding the world, greater efforts were required due to challenges in receiving support from the United States and European Union.

Perhaps there is something that is not present, or maybe there is someone who is absent,” he shared with the publication. “Someone who can speak about Ukraine as a means of protecting all of us.”

Russia has stated its willingness to engage in peace negotiations, on the condition that Ukraine recognizes the “new realities.” This implies an acceptance of Russia’s control over approximately 17.5% of Ukrainian land.

Zelenskyy denied the idea that Moscow was seeking negotiations, citing multiple instances of aerial attacks by Moscow.

He stated that he only sees the actions of a nation involved in terrorism.

According to him, the reason for any request from Russia to negotiate is not due to their moral integrity, but rather their lack of weapons, ammunition, and trained soldiers. They require this break to replenish their resources before continuing the conflict with full force.