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The Kherson Region of Ukraine Reports Fatal Attack by Russia

Region The Kherson Region of Ukraine Reports Fatal Attack by Russia

Authorities in the Kherson region of Ukraine reported on Wednesday that a house in the city of Beryslav was destroyed by a Russian airstrike, resulting in the death of one individual.

The Ukrainian air force reported that they successfully shot down 11 drones launched by Russia during the night.

Officials in western Ukraine reported that a drone attack by Russia caused damage to buildings in close proximity to a nuclear power plant.

The Ukrainian energy ministry reported on Telegram that the Russian assault occurred close to the Khmelnytskyi nuclear power plant, causing damage to windows in nearby structures and power lines in the vicinity.

On Tuesday, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy promised to take back the parts of Ukraine that are currently under Russian occupation.

In his evening speech, Zelenskyy declared that Ukraine will regain control of its land and citizens. He emphasized that they will not abandon anyone to the occupying forces and are actively working towards ending the war with the defeat of the occupiers.

Additionally, he stated that despite skepticism from numerous individuals globally, Ukraine has proven its ability to overcome obstacles, particularly in the Black Sea area.

Russia announced that they have conducted a successful test of their capability to launch a large-scale nuclear retaliation against an enemy nation in the event of a nuclear attack being initiated against them.

The Kremlin announced that the ballistic missiles, which were test-launched by land, sea, and air, successfully completed all planned tasks during the training exercise.

Following a vote in Moscow’s upper parliament to repeal a 23-year-old treaty prohibiting nuclear testing, there was a display of military might. Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cabinet have consistently declined discussions on arms control with the U.S., citing unfriendly foreign policies.

This report includes data from Agence France-Presse and Reuters.