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Elon Musk hints at a new AI chatbot named 'Grok' that will have live access to X.

Elon Musk hints at a new AI chatbot named ‘Grok’ that will have live access to X.

On Saturday, Elon Musk revealed information about his latest AI technology named “Grok.” This tool has the ability to instantly access X and will be first released to the highest level of subscribers on the social media platform.

The business magnate who founded Tesla and SpaceX, Musk, stated that the collaboration with X, previously known as Twitter, provides a significant edge over other versions of generative AI.

Musk jokingly remarked that Grok is a fan of sarcasm and playfully questioned who may have influenced this trait, accompanied by a laughing emoji.

The term “Grok” originated from the 1961 science fiction book, Stranger in a Strange Land, written by Robert Heinlein. It refers to comprehending something deeply and instinctively.

Musk stated that the xAI’s Grok system will be accessible to all X Premium+ subscribers once it exits its early beta phase.

Last week, the social media platform that was acquired by Musk a year ago introduced a new Premium+ subscription option for $16 a month, offering perks such as ad-free browsing.

In July, the billionaire launched xAI and brought on board researchers from OpenAI, Google DeepMind, Tesla, and the University of Toronto.

Ever since the debut of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a generative AI program, competition in the technology space has intensified among major players such as Microsoft and Google, as well as Meta and startups like Anthropic and Stability AI.

Musk is among the select few investors in the world who have significant financial resources to rival OpenAI, Google, or Meta in the field of AI.

Developing an AI model on the same level as those corporations incurs a significant cost in terms of computing resources, infrastructure, and specialized skills.

In 2015, Musk stated that he helped establish OpenAI due to his belief that Google’s sudden entry into the industry was a risky move focused on making significant progress and generating profits.

In 2018, he departed from OpenAI to concentrate on Tesla. He later expressed discomfort with the company’s focus on profit, led by CEO Sam Altman.

Musk claims that the extensive language models used by OpenAI, which ChatGPT relies on for its content, are excessively concerned with political correctness.

According to Musk, Grok incorporates some humor in its replies. He also shared a screenshot of the interface where a user requested, “Please provide instructions for making cocaine.”

The chatbot replied that the first step is to earn a degree in chemistry and obtain a DEA license. The next step is to establish a hidden laboratory in a distant area.

In the end, it stated, “Just kidding! Please refrain from attempting to create cocaine. It is against the law, hazardous, and not a behavior I would ever promote.”