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Elon Musk cancels funding for fact-checking on X platform.

Elon Musk cancels funding for fact-checking on X platform.

Elon Musk recently announced that any revisions made to posts on X will no longer receive compensation, as the platform is facing increased scrutiny for facilitating the spread of inaccurate information.

Since assuming control of Twitter, now known as X, Musk has significantly reduced the amount of content moderation, reinstated accounts of individuals who were previously banned for extremist views, and implemented the option for users to buy account verification, allowing them to make money from posts that often contain false information.

Instead of promoting a tool to fight misinformation, Musk has encouraged the use of Community Notes, where X users act as moderators on the platform.

On Sunday, Musk announced a change to the functionality of Community Notes through a tweet.

The author stated that there will be a small adjustment to the way creators earn money. Any posts that are fixed by @CommunityNotes will no longer qualify for revenue sharing.

He suggested prioritizing accuracy over sensationalism to increase motivation.

The company X compensates content creators who have a high number of views with a portion of the advertising earnings.

Musk cautioned against utilizing modifications to disqualify X users from receiving payouts.

“It is important to mention that any efforts to utilize @CommunityNotes as a means to harm or deprive individuals of their monetary resources will be easily detected, as all code and data are publicly available,” he stated.

Musk’s statement comes after the introduction of a subscription plan on Friday, which costs $16 per month and offers the highest increase in replies for those who pay more. Earlier this year, it also introduced an $8 per month plan for obtaining a “verified” account.

A recent report from NewsGuard, a group that monitors disinformation, revealed that verified subscribers who pay for content were the primary sources of misinformation regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.

According to the group, “verified” accounts on X are responsible for promoting approximately 75% of the top trending posts containing misinformation about the Israel-Hamas War.

In the span of one week, the top 250 posts that shared false or unsupported information about the war were viewed over 100 million times worldwide, making them the most popular.

According to NewsGuard, 186 of the posts were created by verified accounts and only 79 had been verified by Community Notes.

According to NewsGuard, verified accounts have become advantageous for individuals spreading false information.

According to the statement, they have acquired the enhanced credibility of the formerly esteemed blue checkmark, allowing them to expand their reach on the platform, all for a price lower than a movie ticket.

The organization reported that false information about the Israel-Hamas conflict often begins on X and then spreads to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Telegram. However, it also found that misinformation is widespread on these other platforms.