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Ukraine suppresses Russian air attacks across the entire country.
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Ukraine suppresses Russian air attacks across the entire country.

On Monday, Ukrainian authorities reported that Russian troops carried out an attack using drones and a cruise missile during the night, targeting various regions of the country.

The Ukrainian air force reported shooting down a total of 14 attack drones, which included 13 Shahed drones made in Iran, and a cruise missile.

The governor of Odesa, Oleh Kiper, stated that debris from a destroyed drone fell in the southern region and caused damage to a port warehouse.

According to Kiper, there have been no reports of casualties.

Repeatedly, Russia has aimed aerial assaults at Odesa, specifically targeting ports along the Black Sea and the Danube River.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported on Telegram that the most recent assaults from Russia were aimed at the southern, eastern, and central regions of the nation.

Oil from Russia is currently being sold at a price higher than the set cap.

According to The Associated Press, Russia’s standard oil, which is typically transported on Western vessels that must adhere to sanctions, has been trading above Ukraine’s allies’ $60 per barrel limit since July. This has resulted in the Kremlin gaining significant amounts of money each day to fund their military efforts.

According to Benjamin Hilgenstock, a senior economist at the Kyiv School of Economics, targeting Russia’s oil profits has the biggest impact on their macroeconomic stability. This school advises the Ukrainian government.

At the core of Russia’s economy is the revenue generated from oil, which enables President Vladimir Putin to allocate funds towards the military and prevent inflation for average citizens, as well as avoid a devaluation of the currency.

The International Monetary Fund reports that despite facing sanctions, Moscow is managing to sell more goods to other countries than it is buying. As a result, its economy is expected to grow this year, while Germany’s is predicted to shrink.

The limit on the price of Russian oil aims to restrict Russia’s potential earnings while keeping their supplies available for purchase. However, this action could lead to a shortage of oil, resulting in increased fuel expenses and inflation in the US and Europe.

Pedestrians wearing military uniforms walk past flags bearing symbols and colors of Ukraine that commemorate the country's fallen soldiers at Independence Square in Kyiv, on Oct. 23, 2023, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On October 23, 2023, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, individuals dressed in military attire were seen walking by flags adorned with the colors and symbols of Ukraine. These flags were placed at Independence Square in Kyiv to honor the soldiers who had lost their lives in service to the country.

According to AP, adhering to the price limit for Russian oil only involves a sincere declaration on a concise, single-page form containing the names of the involved parties and the agreed-upon price. The specific sales agreements do not need to be disclosed.

Experts state that the absence of clear information has allowed dishonest merchants to manipulate the system, and has also encouraged certain shippers to turn a blind eye.

Biden combines funding requests

As the internal conflicts within the Republican party in the House of Representatives persist, resulting in a lack of leadership in the House chamber, President Joe Biden’s proposal of $106 billion in funding for Ukraine, Israel, and the U.S.-Mexico border is still under consideration.

As reported by Reuters, Biden has consolidated all of these factors, but Republicans may attempt to separate them, as they are split on providing additional aid to Ukraine.

The United States is aiming to acquire the oligarch’s yacht through forfeiture.

On Monday, the United States requested that a $300 million luxury yacht, which is believed to be owned by billionaire Russian businessman Suleiman Kerimov, be seized due to his involvement in U.S. sanctions.

FILE - This handout photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Justice released on May 5, 2022, shows the Amadea yacht owned by sanctioned Russian oligarch Suleiman Kerimov docked in Lautoka, Fiji.

The image provided by the U.S. Department of Justice on May 5, 2022, displays the Amadea yacht belonging to Suleiman Kerimov, a Russian billionaire under sanctions, parked in Lautoka, Fiji.

In May 2022, officials in Fiji impounded the Amadea yacht, which measures 106 meters long. This was done based on a warrant from the United States as part of increased efforts to enforce sanctions against individuals associated with Putin’s regime. The goal of these actions is to pressure Moscow into ending its conflict with Ukraine.

The petition from the United States, submitted to a federal court in Manhattan, initiates a potentially lengthy legal procedure in which the U.S. would pursue ownership of the yacht currently docked in San Diego, California. The proceeds from auctioning the yacht would then be transferred to Ukraine.

Sources for this story include Reuters and The Associated Press.