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Ukraine requests Australia's assistance in providing specialists for treating burn victims.
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Ukraine requests Australia’s assistance in providing specialists for treating burn victims.

Due to the increasing number of casualties caused by missile and drone attacks, Ukraine is requesting Australia’s assistance in implementing their advanced methods for treating burn injuries, which are considered to be the best in the world.

Medical professionals report a significant increase in the amount of Ukrainian fatalities due to burn injuries resulting from Russia’s invasion. They express concern over the strain this is causing on Ukraine’s healthcare system.

Members of the Christian Medical Association of Ukraine, located in Lviv, are currently in Australia advocating for the government to provide specialized medical knowledge and resources.

There has yet to be an official response from the government.

Australia has specialized knowledge in treating burn injuries, which was gained through the development of various techniques following the terrorist attacks in Bali, Indonesia in 2002. These attacks resulted in the deaths of 202 individuals, including a significant number of international citizens.

Rudi Myhovych, spokesperson for the Christian Medical Association of Ukraine, expressed his desire for the government to dispatch physicians to Ukraine in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

“We aim to bring in teams of plastic surgeons to Ukraine for a short period of time,” he stated. “We value your time and are being cautious in utilizing all available resources. Additionally, we plan to send Ukrainian doctors to observe and gain knowledge and skills. The number of cases is staggering.”

According to the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, approximately 10,000 civilians have lost their lives and over 18,500 have been wounded since Russia’s invasion on February 24, 2022.

The conflict has resulted in increased challenges for victims to access healthcare due to attacks on medical facilities, shortages of medical personnel, and power outages.

The Russian government has stated that their military intervention in Ukraine is a “special military operation” and maintains that it does not harm civilians. However, this claim has been disputed by Ukraine, the United Nations, the United States, and NATO.

Australia is one of the biggest non-NATO supporters of Kyiv’s war efforts, providing missiles and armored vehicles.

The Australian government has enforced sanctions against numerous Russian officials, such as President Vladimir Putin, military leaders, and individuals in the business sector. These are the most extensive consequences that Australia has ever applied to a foreign nation.

Furthermore, Canberra has prohibited the importation of Russian oil, petroleum, coal, and gas.