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Ukraine has declared its readiness to defend against any aggressive actions from Russia in the region of Bakhmut.
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Ukraine has declared its readiness to defend against any aggressive actions from Russia in the region of Bakhmut.

Military officials in Kyiv reported on Monday that Russia has increased its military presence near the ruined city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine and has shifted its troops from a defensive stance to an offensive one. However, Ukraine has been making preparations to defend against these attacks.

In May, Russia took control of Bakhmut, a region where some of the most violent battles of the 20-month-long war took place. In June, Ukraine initiated a counterattack with the goal of reclaiming territory in the southern and eastern parts of the country, including Bakhmut.

“On Telegram, General Oleksandr Syrskyi, the commander of Ukraine’s ground forces, stated that in the Bakhmut region, the opposing force has bolstered their presence and shifted from a defensive stance to more aggressive actions.”

According to Volodymyr Fityo, the communications head for Ukraine’s ground forces command, Russian troops have been making preparations since the beginning of this month to reclaim lost positions near Bakhmut following the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Fityo informed Reuters via telephone that they were aware of the situation and had taken necessary precautions, including reinforcing defensive positions, constructing fortifications, and mobilizing reserves. This news was not unexpected for them.

Both individuals stated that Russian troops were highly engaged in the vicinity of the Ukrainian-controlled town of Kupiansk in the northeastern region. Fityo also mentioned that Russia held a numerical advantage in this area.

Reuters was unable to confirm the accuracy of reports from the battlefield on its own.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff’s report, Kyiv’s forces continued to push forward near Bakhmut.

The statement mentioned an attempt by the enemy to regain control of territory near Klishchiivka, a village that Ukraine had previously recaptured in September.

The report stated that Russian soldiers attempted to progress in Synkivka, located to the north of Kupiansk, but were unsuccessful.

In recent weeks, Russia has been focusing on encircling and seizing the strategic town of Avdiivka, located southwest of Bakhmut.