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Truck drivers and farmers in Romania demonstrate against taxes and subsidies related to Ukraine.
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Truck drivers and farmers in Romania demonstrate against taxes and subsidies related to Ukraine.

On Sunday, truck drivers and farmers from Romania caused delays in traffic in multiple cities, such as the capital Bucharest. They expressed various complaints, ranging from excessive tax rates to delayed compensation payments.

On the fifth day of their demonstration, protestors also assembled at areas near the border, causing a temporary barricade at the northeastern border with Ukraine.

The drivers of the trucks are expressing dissatisfaction with the expensive insurance and tax rates, as well as the lengthy wait times at border crossings.

The farmers are also requesting faster disbursement of subsidies and compensation for those impacted by drought or interruptions due to the import of Ukrainian grains.

According to a video posted by the protesters on Facebook, farmers have reported a decrease in profits over the past two years due to the influx of lower-priced grains from Ukraine.

The Black Sea blockade imposed by Russia on Ukraine has resulted in Romania becoming a central location for the transportation of Ukrainian grain, particularly through the port of Constanta.

On Wednesday, a group of individuals in trucks and tractors from various cities set off towards Bucharest at reduced speeds, sparking protests.

Several individuals confessed to being motivated by comparable demonstrations in Germany.

The authorities in Bucharest denied entry to the protesters’ vehicles, citing a lack of authorization for the protest.

Following conversations with the departments of agriculture and transportation on Saturday, the demonstrators engaged in negotiations on Sunday at the ministry of finance.

However, they declared that a consensus had not been reached.

Farmer Danut Andrus expressed to reporters that there are regulations that have become unbearable.

He stated that he and his peers are now unable to acquire any bank loans.

“We are currently unable to secure funding and are unable to conduct operations within the country,” he expressed his frustration. He also stated that the demonstrations will persist “until these leaders acknowledge the reality of their inability to govern the country.”

German farmers started demonstrating on Monday against Berlin’s proposed reduction of tax incentives for the agricultural sector.

Tractors and lorries were employed to obstruct roads throughout the nation, including several in the heart of Berlin.

Since November, farmers in Poland have been obstructing the entry of goods into Ukraine through border crossings. They are expressing dissatisfaction with the perceived unequal competition from Ukrainian businesses and the easing of regulations for Ukrainian companies to enter the European Union.