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The Russian Air Defense System has been relocated from Kaliningrad to Crimea.
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to Crimea The Russian Air Defense System has been relocated from Kaliningrad to Crimea.

The British Defense Ministry said in its daily intelligence update on Ukraine that Russia’s recent transport movements indicate that Russia has “likely moved” its strategic air defense systems from its Baltic coast enclave of Kaliningrad.

This move from Kaliningrad which is surrounded on three sides by NATO member states highlights “the overstretch the war has caused for some of Russia’s key, modern capabilities.”

Saturday was Holodomor Remembrance Day in Ukraine, a time when Ukrainians remember the famine that starved several million people to death in the 1930s because of Soviet policies.

Local residents light candles to commemorate the victims of the 1932-33 Holodomor, Ukrainian for 'death by starvation,' in Lviv, Nov. 26, 2022, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On November 26, 2022, amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine, citizens of Lviv lit candles in remembrance of the victims of the Holodomor, a term in Ukrainian that translates to “death by starvation,” that occurred in 1932-33.

The Holodomor — which means “death by starvation” in Ukrainian — was a deliberate policy of Josef Stalin that Ukrainians, along with more than 30 countries, consider genocide but something Moscow denies.

During the Holodomor commemoration on Saturday, the city of Kyiv experienced a significant drone attack from Russia, the biggest since their invasion of Ukraine in February 2014. According to reports, Ukraine successfully destroyed 74 out of the 75 Shahed drones that were launched by Russia in a six-hour long air strike.

According to a post on Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko’s Telegram account, five individuals, including a child, were injured in the assault. Ukraine’s air force reported that 66 of the drones were shot down over Kyiv. A city official stated that the incident resulted in power outages for 17,000 residents.

A woman sweeps broken windows glass in her flat after the explosion of a downed Russian drone in a yard among residential buildings in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Nov. 25, 2023.

On November 25, 2023, in Kyiv, Ukraine, a woman is seen sweeping up shattered glass from her apartment after a Russian drone was shot down in a nearby yard surrounded by residential buildings.

Serhiy Fursa, a well-known economist from Ukraine, wrote on Facebook that it seems we have heard the beginning of tonight’s performance – the introduction to the upcoming winter season.

According to Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Russia has recently launched attacks in Ukraine resulting in the deaths of 19 Ukrainians and injuries to 84 others.

According to a message on the Telegram messaging app, the adversary is increasing their assaults in an attempt to annihilate Ukraine and its people. This is a deliberate action, similar to what occurred 90 years ago when Russia caused the deaths of millions of our predecessors.