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to 14 Years

The country of Russia has declared that it has imposed a prison term of 14 years on over 200 prisoners of war from Ukraine.
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to 14 Years The country of Russia has declared that it has imposed a prison term of 14 years on over 200 prisoners of war from Ukraine.

On Monday, Russia announced that it has given lengthy prison sentences, including life imprisonment, to over 200 Ukrainian prisoners of war. This comes almost two years after the beginning of the Kremlin’s attack.

It is estimated that Russia currently has an undisclosed number of imprisoned Ukrainian soldiers, potentially numbering in the thousands. Many of these soldiers were captured during the 2022 attack on the city of Mariupol.

The trials of POWs in Moscow have been condemned as illegal by Kyiv and international human rights organizations.

In an interview with state news outlet RIA Novosti, Alexander Bastrykin, the head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, stated that over 200 Ukrainian military members have been given lengthy prison terms for their involvement in civilian murders and mistreatment of prisoners of war.

He vowed Moscow will “continue” its efforts to prosecute Ukrainian military staff, including “high-level officials.”

Several Ukrainian soldiers who were captured have been detained in the eastern part of Ukraine that is occupied by Russia, and some have been transported to Russia.

It was not clarified by Bastrykin whether the soldiers were convicted in Russia or in Ukraine, which is currently under occupation.

According to Russian state media outlet RT, a source from the Investigative Committee stated that 242 soldiers were convicted in Ukraine, which is currently under Russian occupation.

On January 3rd, Russia and Ukraine reported that they had traded hundreds of imprisoned soldiers in their first publicly acknowledged exchange in several months.

Bastrykin shared information on Russia’s efforts to combat pro-Ukrainian sabotage.

According to him, officials have discovered instances of railway sabotage in areas near the border with Ukraine like Bryansk, as well as in the Siberian regions of Tyumen, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, and the northern Komi region.

Bastrykin stated that despite potential unintended casualties, Ukrainian special services are utilizing terrorist tactics in their subversive actions during the special military operation.

He cautioned that Russians are being deceived, offered incentives, and encouraged to engage in unlawful actions.

The countries of Russia and Belarus have experienced unexplained train accidents, potentially intended to interfere with military supply lines to Ukraine.

According to Bastrykin, there has been a 62% increase in extremism cases in 2023 compared to 2022. This is most likely a result of Moscow’s extensive efforts to suppress dissent while their troops are engaged in conflict in Ukraine.

The individual stated that the city of Moscow has initiated 273 legal proceedings for “spreading false information” about the Russian military, and 81 proceedings for “slandering” the forces of Moscow.

The Russian government has utilized laws to suppress dissent and has punished numerous individuals for speaking out against the actions in Ukraine.

Ilya Yashin, a political opponent, is currently incarcerated for eight years due to the “spreading fakes” law. Additionally, artist Sasha Skochilenko is serving a seven-year sentence.