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The term 'AI' has been chosen as the Collins Word of the Year.
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The term ‘AI’ has been chosen as the Collins Word of the Year.

The dictionary publisher announced on Tuesday that the abbreviation AI (artificial intelligence) has been chosen as the Collins Word of the Year for 2023.

According to lexicographers at Collins Dictionary, the term has seen an increase in usage and has become the most prominent topic of discussion in 2023.

According to Alex Beecroft, the managing director of Collins, AI has emerged as a major area of interest this year due to its rapid development and widespread integration into our daily lives. It is now as prevalent and integrated as email, streaming, or other technologies that were once considered futuristic.

According to Collins, their team of language experts examined the Collins Corpus, which consists of over 20 billion words from various written sources such as websites, newspapers, magazines, and books from all over the globe.

The Corpus incorporates oral content from radio, television, and daily discussions, with constant updates every month to assist Collins dictionary editors in detecting newly used words and definitions.

Beecroft stated that the utilization of the term, as observed in our Collins Corpus, is consistently intriguing and it was indisputable that it has also been the subject of discussion in 2023.

Collins also includes “nepo baby” on their list, a term that has gained popularity for referring to the offspring of famous individuals who have achieved success in the same field as their parents.

The concept of “greedflation,” where companies profit during times of high living costs, and “Ulez,” the ultra-low emission zone in London that penalizes drivers of highly polluting cars, were both brought up as well.

The Collins list also included terms related to social media, such as “deinfluencing” or “de-influencing,” which refer to advising followers to steer clear of certain commercial products.

According to Collins, the recent Ashes series between England and Australia sparked conversations about a cricket style known as “Bazball.”

Brendon McCullum, also known as Baz, is a New Zealand cricketer and coach who promotes a mindset of calmness, bold strategies, and optimism.

In 2022, “permacrisis” was chosen as the Collins word of the year, meaning “a prolonged state of unpredictability and vulnerability.”

In the year 2020, the term “lockdown” was commonly used. In 2016, the term “Brexit” gained popularity.