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The statement from Zelenskyy expresses his concern for a potential second term for President Trump.
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The statement from Zelenskyy expresses his concern for a potential second term for President Trump.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, expressed worry about the possibility of Donald Trump being re-elected as the U.S. President. He also stated that he finds Trump’s statement that he could put an end to Ukraine’s conflict with Russia in 24 hours to be extremely risky.

During an interview with Channel 4 News in the U.K., Zelenskyy extended an invitation to the former president and current leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination to come to Kyiv. However, Zelenskyy stated that this invitation is contingent on Trump fulfilling his promise in a manner that meets Ukraine’s satisfaction.

“I extend an invitation to Ukraine, specifically Kyiv, to Donald Trump,” said Zelenskyy. “If you are able to bring an end to the ongoing conflict within 24 hours, I believe that would be sufficient for you to visit.”

The leader of Ukraine voiced worry about a possible Trump presidency, in which Trump’s proposal for peace negotiations in Ukraine may require Ukraine to make significant compromises with Russia.

Zelenskyy expressed concern about Trump’s decision-making process, stating that he makes decisions without the input of both sides, not just regarding Russia. He found this to be unsettling and has witnessed many negative consequences as a result.

Trump has frequently claimed that he is in a favorable position to broker a resolution to the ongoing conflict, which has been ongoing for nearly two years. He asserts that he maintains positive relationships with leaders from both Russia and Ukraine.

During his time in politics, Trump has consistently expressed admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, even following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

At a political event in Georgia, shortly after Russian tanks entered Ukraine, Trump praised Putin as a clever politician and commended Russia’s quick annexation of a large territory, disregarding the comparatively insignificant penalties imposed.

The agency is issuing a warning about the presence of mines.

The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, issued a warning on Saturday that there are newly planted mines near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Russia-occupied territory. This is concerning as just a few months ago, a team of inspectors had confirmed that the area was free of mines.

On the agency’s website, Grossi issued a warning that the presence of mines in the buffer zone of the plant, between its internal and external fences, is in violation of the agency’s safety regulations.

According to Petro Kotin, the head of Ukraine’s state nuclear company Energoatom, the reported placement of mines by Russian forces who have taken control of the Zaporizhzhia plant since the beginning of the war is considered to be “yet another crime.”

According to a Telegram post on Saturday, Kotin expressed concerns that the presence of Russians at the plant will continue to pose a threat and instability.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has expressed worry multiple times about the possibility of a radiation leak from the facility due to the ongoing war. This facility is ranked among the top 10 largest nuclear power stations in the world.

The six reactors at the plant have been inactive for several months, yet there is still a need for electricity and skilled workers to manage essential cooling systems and safety measures.

Since 2022, Russia has maintained authority over the site and is refusing to grant IAEA experts entry to certain parts of the facility.

The statement from the IAEA stated that this access is necessary to oversee the safety and security of nuclear materials.

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Legislators propose legislation to seize assets from individuals.

A bill has been drafted by Russian legislators that would permit the seizure of assets and funds from individuals who intentionally spread false information about the nation’s military forces, according to a high-ranking parliament member on Saturday.

According to Vyacheslav Volodin, the State Duma’s speaker, the rule would also pertain to individuals convicted of acts of betrayal, including but not limited to tarnishing the reputation of the military, advocating for sanctions against Russia, or instigating extremist behavior.

Volodin stated on Telegram that anyone who attempts to harm Russia or betray it will be punished accordingly and required to repay any harm caused to the country using their own personal assets.

The wife is requesting the return of her husband.

At the headquarters of President Vladimir Putin’s election campaign, the wife of a Russian soldier made a passionate plea on Saturday for her husband to come home from the front line. This act of defiance is uncommon in a country where speaking out against the war is not allowed.

Maria Andreyeva spoke in front of campaign workers, expressing curiosity about when Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will issue a decree requiring her husband to return home from Ukraine.

Andreyeva engaged in a heated argument with a woman who claimed that Russian soldiers in Ukraine were protecting their homeland, and advised her to pray for them.

“What’s the plan now? The Ministry of Defense has exhausted its funds, are we going to push our soldiers to their limits and drain them completely? Will they return to us as mere shells?” Andreyeva inquired.

She inquired if she would receive the stump. She wondered what she would receive in return. Would it be a man without legs or arms, or a sick man? Do you not know what is happening there?

The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, and Reuters provided some of the information used in this report.