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The reopening of the Polish-Ukrainian border was once again halted after a brief period of being lifted.
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The reopening of the Polish-Ukrainian border was once again halted after a brief period of being lifted.

The blockade of Ukrainian border crossings by Polish truck drivers, which had been ongoing for a month, was temporarily ended on Monday at one crossing. However, police reported that by evening, the road leading to the crossing was once again impassable.

The temporary opening of the Yahodyn-Dorohusk crossing permitted the passage of vehicles and goods into Ukraine. According to Polsat News, a Polish mayor intervened to end the blockade in order to protect employment opportunities in the area.

Since the beginning of November, Polish truck drivers have been protesting by blocking four out of the eight road crossings between Poland and Ukraine. They are protesting the fact that Ukrainian drivers have been given permission to enter the EU without needing a permit.

On Monday evening, a representative from the police in the border region reported that a truck had come to a halt at an angle on the road leading to the Yahodyn-Dorohusk crossing, causing traffic to be obstructed in both directions due to a possible mechanical issue.

She mentioned that a tow truck was en route to take away the car.

On Monday, Adina Vălean, the European Union’s Commissioner for Transport, expressed approval for the reopening of Yahodyn-Dorohusk, stating that it is the most important border crossing between Poland and Ukraine.

She urged all those involved to remember the negative impact these protests have on the European economy, supply chains, other road operators, and Ukraine, a country currently in conflict. She also called for the immediate unblocking of the remaining border crossing points.

Due to ongoing protests that started on November 6, there has been a significant delay of delivery trucks transporting commercial goods at the border crossings between Poland and Ukraine for several weeks.

Polish truck drivers have claimed that their Ukrainian counterparts are exploiting their ability to enter the EU without a permit by charging lower prices and providing services that are prohibited for them.

On Monday, they stated that their demonstration was ongoing and they were pursuing legal measures against a purported local directive to dissolve their strike.

According to Oleksandr Kubrakov, the deputy prime minister in charge of Ukraine’s restoration, 15 trucks entered Ukraine through the Yahodyn-Dorohusk crossing during the temporary pause. Kubrakov stated on Facebook that the plan is for the trucks to be allowed to travel in the opposite direction.

Earlier, Ukraine’s customs service announced that the Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint was open for travel in both directions.

According to a message on Telegram, there are 1,000 trucks waiting to cross into Ukraine from Poland, while 100 trucks are expected to travel in the opposite direction.

The demonstration has resulted in an increase in the cost of fuel and certain food products in Ukraine, as well as a delay in drone shipments to their soldiers battling against Russian invaders.

Kyiv and Brussels both assert that the access agreement is non-negotiable. However, Deputy Infrastructure Minister Serhiy Derkach stated that Ukraine is willing to engage in discussions.

He stated on his Facebook post that we are prepared to engage in a productive conversation with the Polish government in order to fully resolve the issue and prevent any future protests.

The Ukrainian border service announced on Telegram that truck drivers in Slovakia have restarted a limited blockade at the only freight road connecting the two countries.