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The offensives of Russia and Ukraine are increasing as winter approaches.
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The offensives of Russia and Ukraine are increasing as winter approaches.

According to Ukrainian officials, a Russian missile attack on a mail depot in the city of Kharkiv resulted in the deaths of at least six people and injuries to 16 others on Saturday. The strike occurred in northeastern Ukraine.

On the Telegram messaging app, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that the Nova Poshta center, a regular civilian target, was struck by Russian missiles.

The individual posted a video featuring a structure with shattered windows, as well as trucks bearing the words Nova Poshta parked in the vicinity. In Ukrainian, Nova Poshta translates to New Post.

According to Dmytro Chubenko, a representative for the regional prosecutor’s office, all of the people who suffered were workers for a privately owned Ukrainian company that deals with delivering mail and packages.

According to a statement from the postal service company, the employees inside the depot did not have enough time to seek shelter before the bombs struck the facility.

The prosecutor’s office reported that the warehouse was struck by two Russian S-300 missiles launched from the Belgorod region in Russia, located north of Kharkiv.

According to a post on social media by Kharkiv Governor Oleh Syniehubov, three individuals were harmed by Russian attacks in the city of Kupiansk, a hotspot of intense fighting, in another area of the Kharkiv region.

Natalia Humeniuk, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command South, reported that thirty-six missiles were detected in the Kherson region, causing multiple strikes on several villages.

The ISW stated in a report published on Saturday that Russia may be varying the types of weapons used in attacks on Ukraine, including missiles, guided bombs, and drones. The research group based in Washington suggested that this change could be a strategy to identify weaknesses in Ukraine’s air defenses in preparation for future strikes during the winter season.

According to Russia’s defense ministry, in the last 24 hours, Russian troops successfully stopped Ukrainian forces from advancing into the southern Kherson region by crossing the Dnipro River.

The ministry reported that groups from Ukraine attempting to cross the river near Pridniprovske, Tiahynka, and Krynky for sabotage and reconnaissance purposes were intercepted.

According to a message on Telegram from Vladimir Saldo, the governor appointed by Russia, three Ukrainian missiles aimed at Crimea were shot down on Sunday near the town of Henichesk in the Kherson region controlled by Russia.

It was reported by Russia that they had taken out Ukrainian soldiers, water-crossing equipment, and vehicles near the village of Stanislav. The Reuters news agency was unable to confirm the accuracy of these reports from the battlefield.

Overnight, Ukraine’s air force reported that their air defense systems successfully eliminated six attack drones and one cruise missile launched by Russia. It was also stated that a total of nine cruise missiles were launched by Russia towards Ukraine.

The acting Governor Ihor Moroz reported on Saturday that there is ongoing intense combat in the eastern city of Avdiivka, with Russian forces increasing their offensive and Ukrainian forces attempting to defend against Russian attacks.

The ISW has analyzed and reported that Russian forces have made small advances north of Avdiivka. On Friday, the institute stated that Moscow has experienced significant losses in equipment and personnel in their attempts to take control of the disputed industrial town. This conclusion is supported by geolocated footage from pro-Kremlin military bloggers on site.

On Friday, the Ukrainian General Staff reported that their troops had inflicted damage on or destroyed nearly 50 Russian tanks and over 100 armored vehicles in the recent battle near Avdiivka.

The Associated Press reported that the claim could not be verified independently.

North Korean involvement

North Korea criticized the US on Saturday for providing Ukraine with long-range ballistic missiles, stating that any potential use of them against Russia would hinder efforts for peace.

Ukraine announced on Tuesday that it utilized the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), provided by the U.S., for the first time. The strikes caused significant destruction to two airfields located in areas occupied by Russia. Kyiv had made multiple requests to Washington for the missiles, with the assurance that they would not be used within Russian territory.

According to a statement from North Korea’s ambassador to Russia, Sin Hong-Chol, the United States has delivered the ATACMS ground-to-ground missile system to Ukraine despite the objections of the international community. This was reported by state media KCNA.

The White House has recently made allegations that North Korea has been supplying weapons to Russia, which is seen as a concerning development and has raised worries about the growing military alliance between the two nations.

The sources for the information used in this story include Reuters and The Associated Press.