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The G7 leaders held a virtual meeting with Ukraine's Zelenskyy.
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The G7 leaders held a virtual meeting with Ukraine’s Zelenskyy.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a virtual meeting with leaders from the Group of Seven, a group of highly developed nations. During the meeting, he expressed that Moscow is relying on Western solidarity to falter in the upcoming year.

Participants, including important allies of Kyiv like U.S. President Joe Biden and U.K. leader Rishi Sunak, reasserted their dedication to backing Ukraine. Their statements were made amidst concerns that Western assistance for Ukraine may decrease as progress on the battlefield remains limited.

The G7 leaders stated their commitment to backing a sovereign, democratic Ukraine within its acknowledged borders during the meeting.

The leaders have declared plans to address the situation with Russia by implementing measures such as prohibiting the import of non-industrial diamonds from Russia by January and restricting the processing of Russian diamonds by third-party countries by March. These actions aim to reduce Russian income.

The G7 declared further actions, such as stricter implementation of a limit on Russian oil prices, and urged all external parties to cease supplying Russia with military supplies or face significant consequences.

The leaders have agreed to ramp up their humanitarian aid for Ukraine in preparation for the upcoming winter. They are urging Russia to cease its aggressive actions and take responsibility for the damages it has caused thus far.

While Zelenskyy held talks with G7 leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a rare overseas trip, spending one day in the Middle East visiting the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, in an attempt to boost Russia’s influence in the region.

The UAE, host country of COP28, the U.N. climate summit, is a U.S. ally with close ties to Russia. UAE officials greeted Putin warmly in Abu Dhabi.

Putin held a meeting with UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan where they discussed various subjects, including the “Ukrainian crisis.” He then proceeded to have discussions with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with Ukraine also being a topic on the agenda.

Ukrainian residents in the United Arab Emirates expressed disapproval of Putin’s recent visit to the area, citing Russia’s environmental offenses in their nation.

Marharyta Bohdanova, an employee at the Ukrainian pavilion at the COP28 climate summit, expressed frustration with the treatment of those responsible for war crimes. She believes that allowing them to attend major events as honored guests is hypocritical.

This report includes information from The Associated Press and Reuters.